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Compensation for families of Bahrain fire victims

by Benjamin Millington on Apr 26, 2009

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Firemen inspect the building following the blaze on July 30, 2006. (Getty Images)
Firemen inspect the building following the blaze on July 30, 2006. (Getty Images)

Families of three of 16 Indian workers killed in a devastating labour camp fire in Bahrain nearly three years ago have been awarded compensation of between $87,500 (BHD 33,000) and $114,000, it was reported.

Indian Embassy first secretary Ajay Kumar said cases of the other 13 victims who died in the blaze in 2006 were in the final stages and compensation was expected to be announced in the next few weeks by the High Civil Court.

The Gulf Daily News reported that the next of kin of Palanimuthu Arumugam, 39, was awarded $114,000, the family of Kannadasan Kumarasamy, 26, was awarded $87,500 and the family of Shankar Udayar, 26, was awarded $106,000.

The 16 workers were killed when a fire broke out in the Royal Tower Construction labour camp in Gudaibiya at around 2.30am on July 30, 2006. Around 200 other workers crammed into the three-storey building managed to escape.

The families have already received around $3420 each following donations from the Tamil Social and Cultural Association, the Al Namal Group of Companies and V K Universal Property Management Company.

However, they are still waiting for compensation from the construction company.

The workers' Indian supervisor, Mohammed Awresh Abdulrahman, was jailed for two years on March 22 last year, but the Bahraini owner, Salah Abdul Latif Al Abdulla and Indian supervisor Nishat Nader Khan were cleared.


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