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Qatar plans new 8km-long shopping mall

by Elsa Baxter on Apr 27, 2009

A new 8km-long shopping mall costing US $1.7 billion (QAR6.2 billion) is to be built in Qatar by the German firm Hochtief Construction.

The deal is the biggest single order in the company’s corporate history, the firm said in a statement released today.

The Barwa Commercial Avenue project will be built in the south of the capital Doha for a group of private investors, including Qatar with a 45% share. Construction is expected to be completed by the middle of 2012.

The massive shopping centre will make up almost 900,000m2 of floor space – the equivalent of roughly 110 football pitches. Offices and residential units are also included in the plans.

Hochtief Construction said it provided consultancy services to Barwa Real Estate during the planning phase, using virtual construction technology to develop a customised 3D model.

The firm’s CEO Henner Mahlstedt said the project demonstrated there were still opportunities for construction companies in markets like Qatar.

"Intensified engagement in international growth markets is a key element of the restructuring we initiated in 2007," Mahlstedt said.

Hochtief Construction is also involved in the US $3 billion Qatar-Bahrain Causeway, a 40km two-lane dual carriageway, including 22km bridge, linking the two countries.


Whatever the human being will left sth in this world, why not big?


Readers' Comments

Joanna (May 3, 2010)
Whatever the human being will left sth in this world, why not big?

Ali (May 11, 2009)
United Arab Emirates

Qatar Mall
Well looks like Qatar is not affected with the recession at all.

abdul hakim asmaun (Apr 30, 2009)
United Arab Emirates

Information on interoir fit-out contractor

Shahin (Apr 30, 2009)
United Arab Emirates

What happened to saving the planet?
I seriously do not understand why companies are going around and building such massive and preposterous projects which aren't even required? What happened to 'saving our planet' problem? Does anyone have any idea how much energy and other resources this mammoth of a project is going to use???? Why????

Nick (Apr 30, 2009)
United Arab Emirates

Dubai Mall is bad enough, this will be crazy
What happened to Qatar the home of sustainable, proportionate developments!

P A-B (Apr 29, 2009)
Qatar plans new 8km-long shopping mall
What global recession, eh? That's pretty obscene and will take weeks to get around it!


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