Indoor air quality of Dubai schools reviewed

CW Staff , December 5th, 2018

Discussions have taken place with a view to improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in Dubai’s schools. The Emirates Green Building Council Coalition for Green Schools roundtable, hosted by the EmiratesGBC and held at Time Oak Hotel, took an in-depth look at indoor air quality in schools across the UAE.

With air pollution and respiratory illnesses citied as a major cause of absenteeism in schools globally, the coalition’s roundtable discussion highlighted the importance of IAQ and what can be done to improve the indoor school environment for students.

A part of the Global Coalition for Green Schools, the Emirates Coalition is engaging stakeholders and like-minded organisations that aim to equip communities with resources to achieve the UAE's vision of ‘ensuring that every child in the UAE has the opportunity to learn in a green school within this generation’. 

Saeed Al Abbar, chairman of EmiratesGBC, said: “IAQ is not often deliberated, and the purpose of the roundtable was to bring the issue to the forefront, especially in schools where youth spend most of their time. We also want to equip schools in the UAE, as well as other stakeholders, with the information and knowledge about the impact of poor indoor air quality and what can be done to improve the school environment for students. 

“Youth are the future of this nation, and their wellbeing is a priority and moral obligation in every aspect.”

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The roundtable concluded that a stricter implementation of green building regulations, including retrofitting older schools, is key to improving the overall indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in schools and providing a more holistic approach to promoting and increasing the number of green schools in the UAE.

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