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P&T Group est. 1868

by Jeff Roberts on Jun 3, 2009

The P&T Group, formerly known as Palmer and Turner Hong Kong is probably the oldest and largest international architectural engineering practice in SE Asia.

The group now has more than 1,200 staff and works from 15 offices situated in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and United Arab Emirates.    

P&T Group offers a range of architectural, structural and mechanical engineering, planning & project management services, which are supported by in-house graphic design, model making and photographic facilities.


 William Salway arrived in Hong Kong and established his office as “William Salway – Architect” on 1 October 1868.





Clement Palmer and Arthur Tuner joined the partnership and became “Palmer and Turner” designing the second Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank building in Hong Kong.





1911-1938 Hong Kong

 “Palmer and Turner” started its practices in Shanghai and finished numbers of famous buildings on the Bund.





Rangoon, Johor Bahru and Singapore office were opened for expanding the business in Southeast Asia. However, all the offices were closed during the World War II.


1973 Hong Kong

 Jardine House (formerly known as Connaught Centre) was the first skyscraper in Hong Kong.


The partnership changed to a corporate structure with linked regional offices and began operating under the name of the “P&T Group” in 1982.


P&T has completed an impressive portfolio of more than 20 key buildings in the Central of Hong Kong and Central Business District of Singapore.