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iPad to launch new 'App' for building designers

by Conrad Egbert on Apr 7, 2010

goBIM will be the first iPad-compatible App
goBIM will be the first iPad-compatible App

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Ian Keough, senior technical designer at international engineering consultancy Buro Happold, has launched the ‘goBIM’ App.

The tool enables Building Information Modeling (BIM) – the generation and management of building data using three dimensional, real time, dynamic building modeling software – to be viewed on iPhones and therefore in remote locations including on site.

The launch of the iPad, now commercially available in the US, is set to radically increase the power of App since designers will be able to view models on a much larger scale.

While there are several Apps that enable users to view three dimensional models goBIM will be the first iPad-compatible App to enable users to navigate models and review data tagged to model elements (such as materials, manufacturer information and volumetric information).

Ian said: “The majority of building designers still use two dimensional drawings to communicate design ideas and this can result in confusion and the waste of manpower and materials.

“While the new App is designed to increase the accessibility of three dimensional BIM, the launch of the iPad will unlock the potential of the App and help drive productivity in building design and construction.”

Ian is inviting building designers to try the App and provide feedback to help guide development of the tool and new functionality. He has also released an ‘application programming interface’ which allows developers to create their own exporters for any platform.



Good grief. So many uninformed and ignorant comments and just how many incorrect versions of iPad have been printed here


Readers' Comments

S.Jobs (Jan 10, 2011) USA

Good grief. So many uninformed and ignorant comments and just how many incorrect versions of iPad have been printed here? Windows 7 64 bit is an operating system software and cannot be compared to hardware. Applications written for the iOS will only run on iOS devices (eg: iPad, iPhone and iPod). The iPad and iPhone 4 have A4 chips and are more than capable of running 3D modeling routines. If you don't know hardware (and that doesn't include PCs), then do the research or you'll just end up voicing opinions that confirm your naivety.

ahtram (Jun 6, 2010)
is IPAD really for construction industry?
have to say iPad is good for the normal individuals but is it designed for the construction industry? In the construction industry, you are on the move a lot, you know accidents will happen. So does the iPad survive drops? Is it viewable in direct sunlight? Is it splash proof? What about dust proof, as we all know in the Middle East, there is lots of sand and dust!! Sorry but I don't think the iPad is any good for construction industry, in fact its not good for any industry. The only good use that it has is for viewing movies, etc.

Chad Oistad (Apr 15, 2010)

Old tablets
I have a tablet pc, about 4 years old, that runs a BIM program with a small model just fine. With recent improvements in tablet computing, they would be substantially better. This is another Apple flash with no bang.

James Kavanaugh (Apr 15, 2010)

Tablet vdiPad
I am also interested in using this app with my Fujitsu covertable tablet. Where can I get more info.

George Tracy (Apr 14, 2010)
You've got to be kidding!
It all sounds good, but reviewing BIM models on an I'phone, I'pad, and I'tablet would not be any enhancement to productivity...any decent project size requires model-sizes that would be impossible to load and view in I'phone, etc...even maxed-out Windows 7 computers running in 64-bit-mode take time to load and view the models...get real!

sally hunt (Apr 14, 2010)

Autodesk apps
Does this mean the IPad/IPhone will run Autodesk, specifically Autocad? What about the IBook - Visual PC is a pain.

Kip Eder (Apr 14, 2010)
How do I get more information?
Is there a description of features or capabilities? What file formats does it access (Revit? IFC? ...).

Ty Keith (Apr 7, 2010)

iPad to launch new 'App' for building designers
Will this new 'App' run on my Tablet PC?

Haresh Bakhru (Apr 7, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

iPad to launch new 'App' for building designers
This can be very useful to site Engineers,Pro.ject managers etc. What is the price of the applications as we all know the price of iPAD


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