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Construction Week Power 100: 21-30

by CW Staff on Sep 26, 2010

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21. PNC Menon
Sobha Developers

As founder and head of Sobha Developers, PNC Menon is one of the biggest players in both the Omani and Indian construction markets with a combined wealth that totals $1.25 billion.

Born in Kerala, Menon migrated to Oman in 1976 to launch an interior decorating business with a partner. He started Sobha Developers in 1995 and since forged the company into a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Today Sobha is one of the largest companies in the Oman and Indian construction industries. The company completed 47 residential projects, 13 commercial projects and 166 contractual projects covering about 3.3 million square metres in 18 cities across India.

With 21 ongoing residential projects at present, its portfolio includes projects for clients like Infosys Technologies, Hewlett Packard, Dell, the Taj Group, Mico, Timken and others. Residential projects include premium apartments, villas and houses with additional amenities like club houses, shopping centres and swimming pools.

The company has offices throughout India, as well as operations in the UAE and Oman. Menon retains an 87% stake in the company that has made him a billionaire while his son Ravi, an engineer who gained his qualifications from Purdue University, is vice chairman.

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