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February 1st, 2016


Last word: Elias Hobeika, Butec Qatar

Elias Hobeika, says that it is important to promote care and well being of foreign workers in Qatar

Face to Face: David Williams WSP | PB

In an environment of doom and gloom around the flailing oil price, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff is confident about what 2016 will bring

Interview: Ramzi Abu Qamar, Bimtec

Laser scanning ensures unquestionable accuracy - we report on the latest technology being used in Qatar’s thriving construction sector

Site visit: Les Roses, Qatar

Located near the Aspire Zone, within easy access to the Khalifa International Stadium, 'Les Roses' occupies prime property and is set to draw the attention from the high-end rentals market

What are conditions governing subcontractors?

What are the conditions governing treatment of a nominated subcontractor, given that the client can determine an agreed price and scope of work?

Qatar: Burgeoning populations needs place to live

A burgeoning population needs a place to live, but pickings are thin in Qatar, coupled with an artificial shortage created around affordable accommodation