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February 1st, 2015


Drawing the line with BIM

BIM is not a magic wand with a ‘one-size-fits-all-fixer-upper-of-design-clashes’

Repositioning costs

Kim Kemp discusses how software is changing and improving the way the construction sector works

Qatar is content

With an anticipated 5% increase in salaries, it looks as though Qatar's workforce is not intending leaving anytime soon

Face-to-face: WSP's Faria Latif

Faria Latif, senior project manager WSP, packs a punch and her neatly styled appearance belies the tenacity required to succeed in the industry

Doha New Port Project: Vital development for Qatar

Almost bigger than Doha, the NPP is going to play a significant role in ensuring sustainability for Qatar, and the region in general

Could Qatar cash in?

As the US ups shale gas output and oil prices plunge globally, how can Qatar benefit?