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April 1st, 2015


Grey, the new green

In an effort off-set the supply shortage of aggregates leading up to the World Cup infra projects, Lafarge has opened a recycling plant that replaces natural aggregates in concrete

Built to (b)last

An excess of cash is driving demolition over the retrofitting option in Qatar’s MEP sector

Face-to-face, with Ramzi Abu Qamar, Bimtec

While BIM is gaining traction, over enthusiasm and a lack of know-how is creating its own issues. Kim Kemp speaks to Bimtec’s Ramzi Abu Qamar

A definite maybe

As the oil price fluctuates, so does the sentiment around the effect it will have on the Qatar economy

Cantering to the lead

Having a stable of differentiators is how companies cross the line first in the competitive Qatari automobile and truck market place