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March 1st, 2017


How enforceable are settlement agreement waivers?

Settlement agreements which waive future claims – are they enforceable?

What Qatar's construction sector needs, not wants

The difference between what Qatar construction ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.

Al Bayt stadium: the tent in the heart of Doha

Due to rise from the Al Khor skyline is a Bedouin-inspired structure, the likes of which has never been seen

How Bentley finds the quickest solutions

Bentley Technology enables Vic’s Crane & Heavy Haul to build and deliver a 49m process vessel, on time and safely

Five minutes with Ara Ghanime, DSI Qatar

Ara Ghanime, MD Drake and Scull, Qatar, outlines how new policies and procedures are impacting on the Qatar branch

Hitachi excavators: moving the earth for customers

Hitachi excavators boost Arabian Supply Centre’s market share

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