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July 1st, 2016


BIM in cloud - a myth or reality?

BIM in Cloud – a myth or reality? Imran Mohammad, BIM manager, AEB clarifies a sometimes confusing topic

What is spurring Qatar to greater design heights?

The sought-after GSAS star classification is spurring Qatar to reach greater design heights in an effort to benefit from the rating system

Last Word: Keira Proctor, A Proctor Group Ltd

Keira Proctor, managing director, A Proctor Group Ltd, says that accepting and adapting to improved technologies is a challenge in the region

Face to Face: Michael Luna, Intertek

CWQ speaks with a specialist who explains why there is more to a building's envelope than an attractive facade

Why India will feel greatest impact of oil prices

India is set to feel the greatest impact of the continuing oil price scenario, as remittances slump to below the 2008 financial crisis