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May 1st, 2016


Bridging the design gap

Rachel Rogers, Bentley Systems explains how integrated 3D bridge and road applications help to drive BIM processes for transportation.

Face to Face: Mihir Shah, KPMG

The original vision of projects is not being percolated down through the ranks owing to laborious multi-layered approval processes

New system to streamline procurement procedures

Government projects in Qatar should be aware of the recently published changes to the existing law which will come into effect on 13 June 2016

Special report: ASTAD Knowledge partner

Identifying and effectively managing key risks and opportunities in the construction industry enables the achievement of program and project objectives, says CEO of ASTAD Project Management, Ali Al-Khalifa

Site visit: Breaking Bad

If, once a building has been completed major changes are required, two options become available: redesign and modify – or demolish. Kim Kemp visits a major modification underway