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January 24th, 2015


Face to face: Emil Habib, Island Life

Gulf Related's managing director believes Al Maryah Island will eventually become Abu Dhabi's pre-eminent shopping district

Price crunch

The GCC currently enjoys relatively modest construction costs, but will this stability be rocked by the drop in oil prices?

Trickle Down Effect

Want to know what the flow of new construction contracts is likely to be in 2015? Ask a dewatering firm

Site visit: Abu Dhabi Cultural District

The three proposed museum sites are set to be the star attractions at Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Island, but none would be able to operate without the infrastructure works delivered by NBHH and overseen by Parsons

Capital investment

Al Maryah Central and Saadiyat Island give an impression of Abu Dhabi's future

Market force: Construction and tumbling oil prices

Concerns about falling hydrocarbon revenues and their impact on economies are being expressed across the GCC but Qatar looks set to weather the storm better than most