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October 22nd, 2016


Are cavalier attitudes damaging PT in the GCC?

While the post-tensioning sector has slowed in terms of technological advancement, the market in the region is maturing. But are “cavalier attitudes” from certain developers costing the sector? Jamie Knights takes a look…

Five minutes with: Faisal Faqeeh

Faisal Faqeeh, CEO and chairman of Bahrain’s Bin Faqeeh Real Estate, discusses his company’s current project portfolio, and its longer-term expansion plans

Face to face: Vafa Valapour, UWI

Vafa Valapour explains how United World Infrastructure is leveraging skills and knowledge obtained in Dubai to facilitate the development of communities in frontier markets around the world

Site visit: Orange Lakes, Jumeirah Golf Estates

Paromita Dey visits Indigo Properties’ Orange Lake, a villa project located within Dubai’s Jumeirah Golf Estates development that is currently being handed over to investors and end users

Could UK procurement initiatives benefit the UAE?

Could the UAE benefit from the implementation of construction procurement initiatives that have been tried and tested in the UK market?

The GCC is not exclusively an importer of skills

The GCC may have benefitted from the input of international construction outfits, but its own pool of local talent is also being leveraged to facilitate development in other regions