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April 30th, 2016


GCC professionals must pioneer a transformation

A collective willingness to break with convention has seen the GCC transform itself into a global powerhouse during recent decades, and that boldness is needed now more than ever.

Downturns can filter out low quality construction

Dwindling oil prices have slowed down the rate of GCC investments, but the ongoing downtime is an opportunity for construction firms to review their management practices

Should oil-hit GCC firms look to attack or defend?

The current market slowdown has forced some GCC construction outfits onto the back foot, while others have adopted a more offensive approach.

Face to face: George Berbari, DC Pro Engineering

DC Pro Engineering’s CEO, George Berbari, believes the GCC’s construction industry is in the midst of “an energy revolution”

Who should be accountable for GCC labour safety?

GCC health, safety, and environment experts discuss the roadblocks encountered by their onsite labour welfare strategies