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January 13th, 2018


Construction technology is a long-term reality in the Middle East

Experts examine the smart building trends in today’s construction industry and discuss how the sector is changing at an exponential rate

2018 Preview: Supplier growth will help meet project deadlines

As construction activity increases in the Gulf this year, suppliers are likely to face increased demands for products that generate both time and cost-savings for clients

2018 Preview: GCC contractors are eager for change

Contractors operating in the UAE market talk to Construction Week about the challenges they faced in 2017, and reveal their expectations for 2018

2018 Preview: The Middle East’s consultants will take on new roles this year

GCC construction consultants’ role is set to change in 2018 as client requirements evolve based on market trends

2018 Preview: Developers are optimistic about Gulf property’s 2018 prospects

UAE developers are optimistic that 2018 will bring continued growth for the country’s property sector, based on the market’s strong performance in 2017

2018 Preview: What lies ahead for the Gulf’s construction sector?

While the Gulf’s economies are still striving to adapt to the post-oil era, regional construction developers, contractors, consultants, and suppliers tell Construction Week that they are optimistic about their growth prospects in 2018

The new year has brought new goals for Middle East construction

Changes are afoot throughout the Middle East’s construction industry as the new year brings with it new goals and resources, as well as challenges

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