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February 3rd, 2018


Which project party is the legal owner of BIM data?

Clyde & Co’s Dino Wilkinson and Matthew Heywood detail the legal concerns that the construction sector should be aware of in relation to the use of BIM, including data ownership and intellectual property rights

The Middle East's cladding sector is undergoing an evolution

Technology and material selection are playing significant roles in the Middle East’s cladding sector, experts tell Construction Week

Face to face: Naveed Ansari, Tecon Specialized Engineering

Naveed Ansari, chief executive officer of Tecon Specialized Engineering Solutions, is confident that a group-wide consolidation and the adoption of advanced technologies will support the multidisciplinary sub-contractor’s growth in 2018

Construction leaders must collaborate to avoid financial failure

In an analysis piece exclusive to Construction Week, AESG's Saeed Al Abbar outlines the practices that are essential to maintaining a healthy construction supply chain

Is the GCC's construction pool skilled to build waste infrastructure?

Spending on waste infrastructure is steadily rising in the Gulf, but can the region’s current construction talent pool meet the demands of this new investment climate?

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