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May 12th, 2018


Google’s facilities director says Big Data will change the Gulf’s FM market

Google has changed the face of industry, and now it’s bringing its know-how to the international facilities management market, the firm’s director of facilities, Darrell Smith, reveals

Duct and insulation maintenance negligence may cause UAE building pitfalls

Notable experts from the Middle East’s HVAC industry gather in the UAE to discuss the importance of ducting and insulation, and the perils of overlooking their installation and maintenance

A retrofitting budget can help future-proof buildings in the Middle East

A proper programme and budget for retrofits can help to trim a building’s operational and maintainence costs, as well as keeping it future-ready

Italy's interest in Middle East construction is good news for contractors

Italian contractors Saipem and Salini Impregilo differ in terms of current financial health, but their shared interest in the Middle East should buoy regional construction leaders

Higher emission standards reshaping UAE vehicle fleets

Local operators are adopting Euro 4 and Euro 5 fleets as the UAE pushes ahead with its uptake of environment-friendly and 'smart' vehicles

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