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April 1st, 2016


Big Interview: Subhash Pritmani, SEMCO

SEMCO boss Subhash Pritmani talks chasing projects and payments

Interview: Vilas Bakshi, Armacell

Armacell explains why it is building a new factory in Bahrain

Electrical suppliers you should know

Leading firms gives their insights on the shape of the market

Emitech's journey to becoming top SME in Dubai

Emitech reveals its journey to becoming one of the top medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Dubai

MEP Awards 2016: Meet the Sponsors

Leminar and Rheem talk about their involvement in the Awards’ 10th anniversary

Insight into jobs market for MEP professionals

Dubai recruiter Sara Teymoor gives insights on the jobs market for MEP professionals

Urban heat islands making our cities hotter

Heat islands could pose a true threat in forming heatwaves within urban areas