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May 1st, 2015


Know thy customer

FM providers should always be mindful of opportunities

5 Minutes with Supreet Hegde

fmME delves below the corporate strategy to understand what makes the region's FM service providers tick

Enduring in the face of adversity

Youssef S. Abillama, CEO of MMG Overseas, highlights the challenges of operating FM in the market of Syria

Under the big umbrella

Ali R. Deryan, GM of Tanzifco, unveils the importance of the launch of CFM Facilities Management Services

Intelligent FM

Smart building technologies can ultimately lead to a greener tomorrow

Interview with Ian MacQuarrie

Interview with Ian MacQuarrie, head of Facilities Management MENA, SAP MENA

Complete Package: service beyond the expected

Moving beyond the traditional hard and soft services, facilities management is starting to explore new verticals to both evolve the service and create additional revenue streams

24 hours with Samer Hani

24 hours with Samer Hani

FM EXPO 2015 Guide

fmME invites a number of exhibitors to discuss their participation in the FM Expo 2015

Designing Smart

fmME pays a visit to the Dubai Design District to discover how this development will influence the rise of smart cities in the GCC