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February 1st, 2018


How to run FM operations on autopilot

Sensors are generating a ton of data in building environments, most of which often goes unused, Facilio’s new solutions is seeking an end to the trend

BIM integration and CAFM in FM is on the rise

It’s come to a point where integrating Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems is a necessity rather than techno-savvy luxury

Software can effect a unified approach to FM

CAFM, BIM and BMS systems might sound like jargon, but contrary to popular belief it’s a much smarter way to carry out FM operations, give it a try if you haven’t

Experts urge improvements to aid workplace safety

The first part (fmME issue 1301, p17) of the worksplace safety, columnist Simon Stirzaker highlighted some of the more fundamental causes for accidents at the workplace. In the second, and final, part of this topic Stirzaker focuses on making improvements

Top tips to deal with payment issues in the Middle East

It can get to a point where you as an FM operator feel ‘enough is enough’

The rising popularity of hand-dryer use in UAE facilities

A large aspect of Dubai’s sustainability goals is to generate less waste in the first place, and reducing our dependance on paper towels will go a long way

Face to Face: Evie Boustantzi, HE Khalifa Al Zaffin, Duserve FM

Duserve FM is looking to stamp its authority across Dubai and the wider region primarily as a specialist in aviation FM

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