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August 1st, 2010


Home front

A look at one of Saudi Arabia's finest examples of Hejazi architecture

Case study: Luanda Sky Centre, Angola

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Risco's design for the African nation's new CBD

Closing time

New Urbanism is the way forward for the Middle East

Like Want Need - August

Cool products, clever ideas and the latest reading material

Think big

Architects and designers are combining skills to create greener cities

Case study: Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre

Foster + Partners' unveils its award winning tent in Astana

Case Study: Burj Rafal

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P&T's new tower set to be Saudi capital's highest

Back to basics

GCC cities need to find their own architectural style

Use your dome

Both Muslim and non-Muslim architects are redefining the mosque

Arabian Nightmare

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ME Architect talks to outspoken Saudi Arabian architect Sami Angawi

Crowning Glory

Ahmed Saffarini's Elite Tower is rocketing up over Jumeirah Beach

Second Wind

A new master plan for Masdar City is long overdue

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