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October 1st, 2014


Fuel economy: from the tank to the bank

PMV explores the issue of rising fuel costs across the Middle East

Site visit: NCTC leases Shantui units for Sharjah

Find out why NCTC is leasing two heavy Shantui machines from GENAVCO

How will Euro 5 diesel affect UAE end users?

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James Morgan looks into the ramifications of the UAE roll-out of ULSD

Montabert breaks new ground in the Middle East

Karl Fakhoury explains why breakers are a growth market for the region

How to inspect a used forklift truck

Greg Whitaker offers top tips on how to pick up a reliable used lifter

Remote control: telematics for the people

How can the latest tech benefit operators and fleet owners alike?

Super soakers: firefighting apparatus in the GCC

Greg Whitaker explores the kit that's being used to tackle GCC blazes

JCB launch event: Britain's next top models

PMV journeys to the UK to bring you the lowdown on JCB's next-gen kit

Growth tactics: onsite crushing in the GCC

MB's Zakaria Jbairi says crusher buckets are gaining ground in the GCC

Fatal distraction: Losing focus on UAE highways

James Morgan discusses the results of a Zurich study of UAE motorists

IHCC chief discusses equipment acquisition tactics

Sultan Batterjee outlines when he's willing to try PMV newcomers