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August 1st, 2016


Fit for purpose: Case's custom kit for the region

Case Construction’s man with a plan plots a two-pronged attack of application-specific machines and integrated applications-specific solutions in the Middle East

A public dilemma: choosing your power source

As the region looks to set ambitious green targets and clamp down on air pollution, public buses are front and centre in the battle over clean energy

MAN's man: Franz Von Redwitz on CNG buses

A year into the role, Franz Von Redwitz, MD for MAN Truck & Bus Middle East, discusses CNG bus trials in the UAE, developments in Iran and the impact of the oil price on the truck segment in the Gulf

Raising the game: truck driver safety tactics

Training programmes for truck drivers gain traction in the Gulf as both truck OEMs and telematic providers work to convince fleet operators of the benefits

Trial by trailer: the need for regional regulation

The lack of consistent regulation in the truck body and trailer segment in the Gulf has allowed unscrupulous practices for too long: the negative impacts on road safety and infrastructure should really be acknowledged

Trailer in tow: bodies and trailers in the GCC

PMV Middle East looks at the marke for truck bodies and trailers, its trends and developments, some of the companies currently shaping the segment and their activities in the last 12 months

Strength in diversity: Gorica thrives in trailers

Gorica continues to build upon its unparalleled range of regionally manufactured trailer products with its project to build the region’s first full-scale facility for aluminium fabrication

ACDelco: tailoring oil and batteries to the Gulf

General Motors Middle East discusses its delivery of a new battery technology at its Saudi manufactory