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June 1st, 2016


High pressure: Doosan's 140 years of air delivery

Doosan Portable Power on achieving compressive performance in spite of high ambient temperatures

Portable partners: Swaidan and Kaeser's alliance

The alliance between Kaeser and Swaidan Trading delivers one of the oldest names in air compression with a precision that only comes from knowledge of the local requirements

Thunderbolts and lightning: a glance across plant

PMV Middle East’s special report on generators, air compressors and tower lights will take a look at the trends and product developments currently guiding the segment and how manufacturers are responding to the market

Lights, power, pressure: On-site plant perspective

In every industry, time is money, and generators, compressors and light towers are the on-site plant that must run without fail to keep projects on track

Gear shift: Volvo targets transmission supremacy

Volvo Trucks demonstrates the power of its ‘crawler gears’... I-Shift add-ons that take the automated manual transmission from the impressive to the extraordinary, alongside five new features for rough-terrain applications

Turning the wheel: Future transit tech in the GCC

As the vehicle industry experiences startling developments in hybrid electric technology and autonomous systems, what can we expect in the Gulf region?

Big Interview: Sharbel Kordahi on Terex and Genie

The newly anointed MD for Terex Middle East, discusses the future of aerial work platforms in the region and how Terex plans to maintain Genie’s dominant position.

Congestion bus-ting OEMs eye future transportation

The annual UITP MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition brings cutting-edge technology and ideas to the fore in Dubai