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November 1st, 2015


Top shop: AMS debuts 10 fresh tools of the trade

Fleet manager AMS leverages its expertise in the field to deliver tools and training for workshops

Walking on air: AWPs press new market applications

PMV gathers actors in the aerial work platform sector to discuss the current direction of the market

Raising the roof: On the versatile telehandler

Telehandlers continue to kick up a storm in the Middle East, capitalising on the vehicle’s inherent versatility

Going live: prepping for The Big 5, MEC & PMV Live

As The Big 5, Middle East Concrete and PMV Live approach, dmg::events provide the lowdown

Damac Towers project defies gravity

Paramount proudly presents Damac Towers — from the pumps that brought you the Burj Khalifa

Astra-nomic achievement: Al Fairuz conquers Oman

In a country known for its consistent markets, the rise of a certain heavy-duty truck range is turning heads

Ivan Fornazaric on 25 years of Gorica

Ivan Fornazaric chronicles how, in just 25 years, the Gorica Group has risen from the ashes of war and independence to become the region’s pre-eminent manufacturer of truck bodies and trailers

Investing not protesting: to retrench or spend?

As the oil price remains low and the equipment industry faces the prospect of depressed 2016 sales, is it time to let the storm pass or to dig deep?

Caterpillar cuts abroad but invests in Middle East

Battered hard, the giant stumbled but did not fall; now it is fighting back with cuts abroad, but investment in the region