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July 1st, 2015


Cool Runnings: Massar on Cold Chain Tech

Cold chain operations play a critical role in minimising losses during transit.

Mechanised Enterprise: Automechanika Dubai 2015

PMV highlights the trends and key players from Dubai’s annual auto-aftermarket extravaganza

Oasis Optimised: Caterpillar Digging the Dunes

Nick Ames gives the low-down on the latest dune-busting Caterpillar models to hit the Sultanate

Tipping The Balance: Bion's Hardox trailers

Noas Al Rawi explains the impetus behind Bion’s dramatic debut into UAE tipper trailer production

Full Metal Fleet: A Story of Three Continents

Over a decade since AMS first started out in Kosovo and Iraq, Andrew Robertson sits down to discuss the company’s hand in everything from UN missions to Volvo distribution in Kazakhstan

Ramadan Reflection: On the alchemy of waste

Once ridiculed for wasteful folly, the Gulf now piously pursues resourceful innovation.

Cardan-al Points: Dubai Driveshafts on Demand

In conversation with Hans Georg Brune, the managing partner of Cardan Service Network (CSN).