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August 1st, 2017


Safety first: Is safety a necessity or a luxury?

Based on the perspective, safety can be a requirement, a necessity or a luxury, but this month’s issue of PMV makes it clear which way the Gulf region is headed

Volvo Trucks president Claes Nilsson talks Middle Eastern markets

Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks, discusses the manufacturer's business performance in the region and its rollout of assistive safety features in the Gulf

Setting the stage: Al Naboodah’s industrial theatre and HSE in the UAE

Robert Munn, GM for SHEQ at Al Naboodah Group Enterprises, discusses the wide-ranging and inventive efforts of the Dubai-based group to promote health and safety in the UAE

A lifting revolution: Wessel Helmens on Mammoet’s wind turbine cranes

PMV Middle East catches up with Wessel Helmens, Mammoet’s director of innovations, to discuss the heavy lifter’s radical new proposal for wind turbine work

Weighing the options: how transport challenges demand a response

As the transportation industry faces down a range of competing market pressures, from the depressed construction  market in some countries to the rising regulations in others, how are trailer and truck body fabricators responding?

Desert trailers: the market leaders in trailer and truck body building

PMV Middle East takes a look at the market forces currently affecting trailer and truck body building, and the ways in which the leading manufacturers in the segment are driving product development

Steeled for success: SSAB makes the case for high-strength steel

SSAB Swedish Steel’s Ozgur Yalcin explores how the use of high-strength steel satisfies the often competing needs of reducing costs and fuel consumption, and improving trailer payload capacity

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