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Ajman International Airport

Last Updated: Oct 4, 2009

Client | Government of Ajman  
Actual Value: 1.5bn USD
Ajman International Airport
Ajman International Airport
Contractors | Main Contractor: Grupo Inmobiliario Whitelake
Consultants | Main Consultant: Booz Allen Hamilton Company (Airport Design)
Main Consultant: ICTS International N.V. (Airport Design)
Country | United Arab Emirates 
Category | Infrastructure 
Project Type | Airports 
Project Duration | From:   Q3 2009 Estimated
To:        Q1 2015 Estimated
Status | Construction  
Scope | The project calls for construction of Ajman International Airport in Al-Manama area. The airport will be built on 5 square kilometres. It will serve at least 1 million passengers a year and handle a minimum of 400,000 tonnes of cargo.  
Schedule | The design of airport and the feasibility study was done by Booz Allen Hamilton Company and ICTS International N.V. The construction will be done by Grupo Inmobiliario Whitelake. Airport will be built in two phases. The 18-month phase will cover the basic buildings and runway, while the 36-month phase will cover the related facilities.  
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