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Durrat Al Bahrain Development

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2009

Client | Durrat Al Bahrain  
Actual Value: 6bn USD
Durrat Al-Bahrain Development
Durrat Al-Bahrain Development
Contractors | Main Contractor: Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co.
Consultants | Main Consultant: Atkins
Country | Bahrain 
Category | Buildings 
Project Type | Mixed Use 
Project Duration | From:   Q2 2009 Estimated
To:        Q1 2015 Estimated
Status | Construction  
Scope | Durrat Al Bahrain development is a new city in Bahrain that covers an area of 20 square kilometres. The development is a contemporary urban lifestyle set across the 15 inter-connected islands that make up "Durrat Al Bahrain". The mixed-use city will includes The Islands, Durrat Marina, Golf Course, Hotel Island and The Crescent. It also offers high quality, sophisticated urban entertainment, landscaped public spaces and 400 berth marinas.  
Schedule | Atkins was appointed as an environmental consultant. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. was awarded a US$105 million dredging and reclamation contract in 2004. The dredging and reclamation contract was completed in 2007.  
Remark | Durrat Al Bahrain is owned by the Durrat Khaleej Al Bahrain Company, in which the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Kuwait Finance House - Bahrain (together with its investors) each hold a 50 percent stake.