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Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2010

Client | Abu Dhabi Municipality  
Actual Value: 300m USD
Sheikh Zayed Bridge.
Sheikh Zayed Bridge.
Contractors | Main Contractor: Archirodon Construction
Main Contractor: FIP Industriale S.P.A. (Subcontractor)
Main Contractor: VSL International (Pre-stressing Engineer)
Consultants | Main Consultant: Buckland & Taylor Ltd. (Construction Engineer - The Erection Engineering)
Main Consultant: High Point-Rendel (HPR)
Main Consultant: Zaha Hadid (Designer)
Country | United Arab Emirates 
Category | Infrastructure 
Project Type | Roads Construction  
Project Duration | From:   Q1 2003 Estimated
To:        Q4 2010 Estimated
Status | Completed  
Scope | The project calls for construction of Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi. The length of the bridge is 842 metres while the main span is 140 metres. The bridge consists of 11 deck span section and three major arches with four main piers and two additional sets of supports at the western end.  
Schedule | Sheikh Zayed Bridge was opened on 25th November 2010.  
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