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6 Kitchen suppliers you should know

A look at the leading kitchen suppliers on the market

Bagno Design.
Bagno Design.
Kitchens & beyond/Poggenpohl.
Kitchens & beyond/Poggenpohl.
Teka Kichentechnik.
Teka Kichentechnik.

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One of the most important trends in kitchen design is the transformation of the kitchen into the hearth of the home. No longer a separate space set away from the main living area, the kitchen has become a hub of social activity.

“The concept of the kitchen as a room totally separate to the living spaces within the home, a room created solely to prepare meals, has become increasingly obsolete. The status of the kitchen has risen in our minds and in our actions,” said Arturo Manso, managing director, TEKA Küchentechnik.

This evolution is reflected in the design of high-end kitchens, noted Kathryn Pratley, business development manager of kitchens & beyond and Poggenpohl UAE.

“Our latest concept, +ARTESIO, will be available worldwide in 2011. It was developed jointly by architect Hadi Teherani and Poggenpohl. Architectural design elements demonstrate the fusion between the kitchen and living environment.”

The kitchen’s increasingly multi-faceted role is being conveyed in the emergence of separate work zones and integrated appliances.

“There is a trend towards integrating built-in appliances as a functional element of the kitchen design. The built-in appliance also offers a combination of performance and convenience, providing more space to cook and move around,” said Vinoth Krishna, sales director, Gaggenau.

Mirroring the sustainability drive in all other areas of the design industry, kitchen design is also becoming increasingly eco-conscious.

This, in turn, is leading to the use of more natural materials, said Patricia Boettcher, founder of B5 The Art of Living, a supplier of Eggersmann kitchens.

“We are noticing a trend towards the use of natural raw materials such as stone, wood and glass, in the design of customised kitchens. Rustic stone is giving a vintage, ‘used’ look, and being mixed with natural oak in a very contemporary way.

“Raw oak alone may have a traditional feel about it but when mixed with stone and even appearing in high-gloss black and white, it can look incredibly futuristic. This juxtaposition of two different looks – the stone, oak and glossy finishes, is a strong future trend in kitchens,” she predicted.

CID catches up with Vinoth Krishna, sales director, Gaggenau.

Tell us about your company.
Gaggenau, one of the top luxury German brands, is focused on innovation and creating cutting-edge appliances.

Gaggenau’s product range will appeal to discerning individuals who do not compromise on quality and insist on nothing but the best for their homes. Gaggenau is the leader in innovative, aesthetically-advanced and technologically-superior home appliances.

What sets you apart?
Gaggenau has a rich history that traces back to 1683 in the small town of Gaggenau in the south of Germany. In the 1880s, during the industrial revolution, Gaggenau was known as a place where new products came to life.

Gaggenau became an internationally-known luxury brand in 1961 when we started to develop top-quality kitchen appliances. Since then, Gaggenau kitchen appliances have been characterised by practical benefits and top quality. Gaggenau is proud of its history and its appliances incorporate the knowledge, skill and decades-long experience of specialists.

Have there been any recent developments at your company?
Having opened the dedicated Gaggenau Galleria in Dubai, Gaggenau is associated with several high-profile residential projects in the UAE and the wider region.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Gaggenau is regarded as the specialist in in-built home appliances – one that has earned the trust of professional chefs and industry connoisseurs around the world.

Key trends in kitchens?
There is a trend towards integrating built-in appliances as a functional element of the kitchen design. Built-in appliances offer a combination of performance and convenience, giving more space to cook and move around.

Gaggenau offers a complete range of built-in kitchen appliances, including ovens, Combi-steam ovens, warming drawers, microwaves, espresso machines, Vario specialty appliances, glass ceramic, gas and induction cooktops, ventilation and cooling appliances, climate controlled cabinets, dishwashers and washing machines.

How do we contact you?
Located in Dubai on the Jumeirah Beach Road, close to the Miraj Islamic Art Centre, the Gaggenau Galleria is a multi-functional showroom holding a prestigious collection of Gaggenau appliances.

Exclusive appointments for personal guidance to experience the world of Gaggenau, its appliances and the spirit of the brand can be reserved on tel: +971 (0)4 394 4049 and +971 (0)50 145 7424.

By Patricia Boettcher, founder of B5
The Art of Living.

What sets you apart?
All Eggersmann kitchens are customised and bespoke, so the possibilities are endless. With Eggersmann, there are no limitations. As the only kitchen specialist with such a broad design philosophy, Eggersmann gives interior designers and consumers the scope to be as creative as they want to be.

Working with materials, colours, sizes and layouts, Eggersmann designs are innovative and creative without being limited by production constraints. The company enjoys a reputation for its flexibility in custom cabinetry sizing, and its award-winning, state-of-the-art interior accessories.

Key trends in kitchens?
We are noticing a trend towards the use of natural raw materials such as stone, wood and glass, in the design of customised kitchens. Rustic stone is giving a vintage, ‘used’ look, and is being mixed with natural oak in a very contemporary way.

Raw oak alone may have a traditional feel about it but when mixed with stone and even appearing in high-gloss black and white, it can look incredibly futuristic.

The move towards all things natural also satisfies society’s craving for eco-conscious materials.

Recent developments?
Eggersmann is always looking for ways to incorporate trends and design innovations into its kitchens. It has recently taken modern design to the next level with its ‘UNIQUE’ collection, which features furniture designs with granite, marble, quartz and steel finishes.

Recently gaining FSC certification, Eggersmann is proud of its eco-conscious designs and has developed the largest collection of engineered wood veneers, lacquer finishes in high-gloss, and textured and matt finishes.

How do we contact you?
Eggersmann is available from B5 The Art of Living, Sidra Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai; Web: www.b5living.com; Email: info@b5living.com; Tel: +971 (0)4 447 3973 or +971 (0)55 205 5540.

Bagno Design
By Calum Stewart, group sales and marketing director, Sanipex Group.

Tell us about your company.
Bagno Design, a member of Sanipex Group, is the premier retailer of luxury bathroom sanitaryware and tiles across the Middle East and central and south Asia.

At Bagno Design we recognise that everyone has different needs, and our showroom staff are committed to working with each client, irrespective of design requirements or budget, to create a solution that is unique to them and exceeds expectations.

What sets you apart?
Sanipex Group represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers as well as its own very successful brand, Bagno Design. The company carries an exceptional product portfolio which gives the ability to bring value to all customer needs.

Key trends in kitchens?
Kitchens today have taken on a more multi-functional role, with separate work zones. Homeowners want to have kitchens that can be attractive and also efficient and easy to maintain. The kitchen sink is the busiest work area in the kitchen and the sink unit needs to complement your kitchen perfectly.

Recent developments?
Sanipex Group now offers an extremely durable option, having become a partner with the German sink leader Schock. Around 80% of the material used in Schock sinks is quartz, the hardest constituent of granite.

The granite used is combined with high-grade acrylic to produce a hardened composite material that is resistant to cracks and dirt and also responsible for the long life of the sinks. Sanipex Group also launched www.bagnohotelonline.com, offering a new level of service and efficiency. Bagno Hotel is a one stop shop for complete and immediate online bathroom solutions.

How do we contact you?
The Bagno Design showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai; Tel: +971 (0)4 330 7775; Web: www.bagnodesign.org; Email: info@bagnodesign.org.

Kitchens & beyond/Poggenpohl
By Kathryn Pratley, business development manager.

Tell us about your company.
The benchmark for design, professionalism and functionality, KITCHENS & beyond has been installing Poggenpohl luxury branded kitchens in the UAE for more than 30 years. We are part of the Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari group (IMG) of companies and the sole distributers of Poggenpohl in the UAE.

What sets you apart?
Our architecture and interior design led team, depth of experience, after sales service, commitment to design and in-house labour force guarantee quality. The Poggenpohl brand is distinguished by quality, exclusivity and innovative developments. Poggenpohl ranks sixth among the top 30 German premium brands, making it the highest-ranking furniture and kitchen brand in the country.

Key trends in kitchens?
Sustainability: Poggenpohl materials are sourced from sustainable resources and certified by countries throughout the world. Lifestyle: Integration of the kitchen into the family living spaces. Timeless design: Where practicality and aesthetics combine.

Recent developments?
Our Dubai showroom was reopened in March 2010, displaying innovative and state-of-the-art design. Our second UAE showroom is due to open in February. Our latest concept, +ARTESIO, will be available worldwide in 2011. It was developed jointly by architect Hadi Teherani and Poggenpohl.

Architectural design elements demonstrate the fusion between the kitchen and living environment, whilst embracing new technology. We have an entirely new innovative interior fittings system with aluminium drawers, available for all kitchens in 2011. K+B will be amongst the first worldwide to display this innovative product.

How do we contact you?
Tel: +971 (0)4 283 1331; E-mail: info@knb.ae; Website: www.knb.ae and www.poggenpohl.com.

Teka Küchentechnik
By Arturo Manso, managing director.

Tell us about your company
TEKA Küchentechnik is a German manufacturer of a full range of domestic built-in kitchen appliances, kitchen sinks and mixers, with over 90 years of expertise in this sector. Teka always works to the highest European quality standards.

What sets you apart?
We offer a wide range of products, from high end to basic. We are the direct representatives of Teka, so there is no third party involved, and we have a team of qualified and fully trained engineers and technicians to provide installation and maintenance.

Key trends in kitchens?
As in every aspect of life, the kitchen has its own unique personality. Apart from the obvious functional aspects, the kitchen is becoming, in this restless and fast-moving world, an increasingly tranquil space focused on comfort and personal development.

It is a place where the varied scenes of daily life are played out with our friends and families. The concept of the kitchen as a room totally separate to the living spaces within the home has become increasingly obsolete.

Recent developments?
We have developed a new and unique range of IPM (Intelligent Power Management) products that have been created specifically for upcoming residential projects in the UAE.

The GCC is the first region in the world where we are introducing IPM products. Power supplies in some localities limit the usage capacity of many cooking appliances, and expend more energy while they’re running. IPM solutions not only ensure customers are getting the best use of the power they have in their apartments, but conserving energy and helping the environment too.

The IPM solutions incorporate monitoring and regulation of power, current limiting as well as load distribution.

How do we contact you?
Tel: 800 TEKA; Email: marketdevelopmentmgr@tekauae.ae.

By Ahmed A. Sultan, business development manager, Finasi.

Tell us about your company?
Dada S.p.a has since 1980 been part of the Molteni Group, a major force in the Italian furnishings industry. With its design series, Dada is now at the forefront of the kitchen market with various models, all unique to their type but with one vital characteristic in common: specific elements from different series can be combined to create specific, new, individual solutions.

In other words, Dada offers the possibility of personalising the kitchen and aims at satisfying the needs of an experienced clientèle demanding a high-quality product which is also functional.

What sets you apart?
Design and innovation have always been Dada’s signature features. Dada designs and proposes original solutions that are both attractive and functional. Dada’s designs are innovative on a formal, technical and typological level, and are developed through intense research and experimentation carried out in partnership with internationally famous architects and designers.

Key trends?
There are two main concepts: flexibility and value for money, and attention to detail! For the second point, the
details make the difference; they define uniqueness and create exclusive solutions with added value.

For the first point, the complexity of contemporary domestic spaces is getting bigger and bigger, with multi-purpose rooms designed to converge multiple uses now the norm.

Have there been any recent developments at your company?
The INDada project develops a new breed of kitchen that adopts simple construction solutions to interpret the articulated complexity of contemporary domestic spaces.

Designed and constructed in compliance with innovative production principles, INDada kitchens are a product of industrial design that is marketed at an advantageous quality/price ratio.

The Armani Group and the Molteni Group have recently announced the formation of a joint partnership for the production and distribution of kitchen systems under the brand name Armani/Dada. The projects handled by Contract Armani/Dada include the development of kitchen systems for 144 exclusive Armani Residences within the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

How do we contact you?
PO Box 118508, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: +971 (0)4 297 1777; Fax +971 (0)4 297 1717;
Email: finasi@finasi.ae;
Web: www.finasi.ae and www.molteni.it.

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