Jotun Paints helps cool urban heat island effect

New heat-reflective paint helps cool buildings, slashes air-con costs

Jotun Paints regional marketing director Per Olav Ramstad.
Jotun Paints regional marketing director Per Olav Ramstad.

The growing demand for heat-reflective and eco-friendly paints has prompted Jotun Paints to launch Jotashield Extreme in the UAE.

Tests have shown that structures treated with the new paint are between 2°C to 7°C cooler than those treated with normal paint.

“The phenomenon known as the urban heat island effect, in which metropolitan areas are significantly warmer than their surrounding rural areas, is becoming increasingly common in the UAE and other GCC countries due to the exponential growth of urban areas in the region,” said Jotun Paints regional marketing director Per Olav Ramstad.

Studies have shown that the temperature of urban air domes can be as much as 4°C warmer than the surrounding countryside. This poses higher air-con costs, additional air pollution due to increased energy production, and acceleration of global warming.

“Our new eco-friendly, energy-efficient product addresses these issues by virtue of being the only paint in the Middle East that can achieve significant temperature reductions upon application,” said Ramstad.

The new paint product uses a revolutionary pigment-binder technology that allows consumers to also select darker shades of colours, and still achieve thermal indoor comfort and a longer-lasting finish with superior exterior protection at a competitive price.

Jotashield Extreme offers twice the heat-reflective capabilities of ordinary exterior paint. It provides protection against ultraviolet and near infra-red heat, thus significantly reducing indoor and surface temperatures, and consequently driving down energy consumption.

It also features anti-carbonation properties that protect it against chalking, flaking and peeling. The multicolour-tintable Jotashield Extreme has low dirt pick-up, exceeds GS-11 standards for paint, and comes with a 10-year performance guarantee.

“Jotun has always been known for meeting market needs via innovative and high-quality products. Our company has also gained a reputation for raising benchmarks in environmentally-friendly production techniques and products within the paint-manufacturing industry,” said Ramstad.

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