Enpark campaign sees 33,000 lightbulbs recycled

Enpark campaign to exchange old lightbulbs for energy-efficient ones

Jawed Khan, Idama and Ahmed Lootah, Enpark
Jawed Khan, Idama and Ahmed Lootah, Enpark

A total of 32,643 lightbulbs have been recycled at Enpark’s facilities to date. The ongoing campaign aiming to exchange old, conventional light bulbs for new, energy-efficient ones began on 5 June to mark the World Environment Day.

Initially aimed to include the offices and residential units within the Tecom free zone clusters, the campaign has grown to include the participation of major organisations such as the RTA and Microsoft.

Some bulbs use toxic mercury and disposing them in the trash often breaks their fragile glass casing, releasing mercury into the environment.

Even if the bulbs manage to remain intact after being trashed, these products likely end up in landfills and incinerators where they will eventually release toxic chemicals. On the other hand, recycling crushes the bulbs in a controlled environment eliminates such risks, and almost all parts of the old bulb are re-used.

When a bulb is recycled, Enpark offers an energy-efficient bulb as a replacement. EWS-WWF, as part of its ‘Heroes of the UAE’ campaign, encourages UAE residents to replace conventional lightbulbs with energy-efficient ones such as Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) or Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

The new CFLs are about four times more efficient and last ten times longer than traditional lightbulbs, and can help residents reduce their energy consumption and ecological footprint.

“Enpark is pleased that this bulb exchange and recycling campaign concurs with the environmental objectives of Tecom’s Sustainable Energy and Environment Division (SEED),” said Enpark business development manager Ahmed Lootah.

“In light of the interest expressed by other emirates, we are currently in the process of expanding the geographical scope of the campaign,” added Lootah.

“As Enpark’s official partner for the lightbulb disposal campaign, Idama has remained proactive in participating in various environmental conservation programmes and green initiatives,” said Idama senior account manager Jawed Khan.

“The remarkable success this campaign highlights the willingness of UAE residents to participate in eco-friendly activities, which is highly encouraging,” said Khan.

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