Armed mob loots Korean construction site in Libya

Machinery and computer ransacked by 500-strong gang of rioters

Colonel Gadaffi during his TV appearance
Colonel Gadaffi during his TV appearance

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There are reports that 18 workers have been injured as protestors ransacked a construction site being run by a South Korean construction company on Monday.

Around 500 armed Libyans stormed the site 30km west of the capital Tripoli at around 3am GMT this morning, according to newswire reports. 15 Bangladeshis were hurt, including two who suffered serious stab wounds, as were three South Koreans.

“Computers and some heavy machinery were stolen but we do not know how much the damage will cost at the moment,” said a South Korean foreign ministry spokesperson, Baik Joo-Hyeon.

The attack is the latest in a growing number of raids on Turkish and Korean construction sites although, AFP has reported, that this latest attack is a sign of violence spreading westwards to the government controlled capital of Tripoli.

Nearly 300 people have been killed during protests against the regime of Libyan leader Colonal Gadafi, according to Human Rights Watch.

Gadafi appeared on TV yesterday denouncing the protests and affirming that he will not bow to demands for him to relinquish control of the country.

“Muammar Gaddafi is the leader of the revolution. I am not a president to step down,” he said. “Muammar is leader of the revolution until the end of time.”

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