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Two for Tamani

Tamani's Alain Guernier explains its recently launched facilities management service delivery companies.

INTERVIEWS, Facilities Management

Tamani Exclusive and Tamani Luxury. These are the names of the two new facilities management companies launched in May by a KM Holding umbrella company, Tamani Hotels and Resorts. But why is a hospitality division launching them? And why is there two FM companies under the same management?

"As the CEO of the group (Tamani Hotels and Resorts), I not only manage the existing portfolio but also to look at extensions, to develop strategy, negotiate management contracts as well as facilities management," states Alain Guernier, CEO of Tamani Hotels and Resorts.


Tamani Luxury will provide to the high-end clients, like palaces.

What's strange about this relationship between FM and the hotel sector is that most hotels don't refer to their services as facilities management. They simply recruit in-house staff for their prominent, customer-facing job roles and outsource single contracts for services, such as pest control, waste management and landscaping. They will even have their own maintenance team.

The purpose of these two FM companies is to provide a high quality service delivery.

"Tamani Exclusive is a facilities management company providing services for the independent owner based on the needs of the property, the physical aspect of the property and the contents of the property," says Guernier.

He explains that for the building owners who "want something a little bit more sexy" and something that will showcase the buildings to their optimum, Tamani Exclusive aims to ensure that facilities management will help make this possible.

"We will offer a range of services. From housekeeping to concierge, security to valet car parking and laundry to garbage collection. Whatever the need of the building will be," he adds.

The Exclusive brand will also provide facilities management to KM Holding towers, according to Sanjeet Joher, KM Holding's chief operating officer. While the second company, Tamani Luxury, will service the higher-end external clients.

"It is focused on providing facilities management into palaces. We have some people in Saudi Arabia who would like us to run their palaces, they want us to run the whole operations.

"From providing the chef to providing the body guards and security, inside and out. Also, providing the housekeeping management and health and fitness needs," claims Guernier.

Because the company is targeting the more exclusive and higher end buildings and properties, Tamani has decided to keep its facilities management clients undisclosed.

According to Guernier, Tamani Luxury is a tailor made product and the facilities management is based on very specific requirements. "We want to focus on quality, services and also the technical aspect - for example, the waste treatments and the eco treatments. We are committed to making sure there is no waste in electricity and water," he stresses.

For a specific type of facilities management company to produce tailor-made services and results like this, he says the initial visit and assessment of the building, its' needs and the clients' needs is crucial.

"When we are invited to provide facilities management, one of the first things we will do is look at the place and sit down with our principles to formulate a complete set of needs, expectations, objectives and standards.

"Based on that, we then do our own work. For example, what kind of people do we need? What are the requirements, job technicalities, specification, background, experience - only then, we will be able to go back to a client and tell it what we can provide," he explains.

But Guernier realises that not all services within the facilities management remit can be kept in-house for a number of reasons. "Some of the services will be outsourced. If someone asked me to run a palace and provide armed security, we would have to work with a third party, a company that specialises."

"We're going to do both (in-house and outsource). I'm a firm believer in taking the view that if you have other people outside who can do a better job than you, you should not be shy and hesitate to contact them and hire them."

He goes on to explain that he thinks human resource in Dubai is a difficult task to manage. "It's also extremely expensive because you have to provide accommodation. But it's not just a matter of cost, it's a matter of facilities. Finding buildings to accommodate two, three or four hundred staff is not easy."

Guernier has strong views on the treatment of workers, some which have been echoed by other companies.

The hotel business recruits a lot of staff from all over the world. It is also responsible for the housing and well being of the staff and Guernier thinks the governments can do more to help.

"I would wish and welcome the government of Dubai to make more land and accessibilities for an area for developing better living environments. I have seen some beautiful living environments and if you want a quality service, you provide quality living.

"But I would also like the government to introduce certain regulations. For example, if a developer wants to build hotels, as part of the hotel it must accordingly provide the proper accommodation," he explains.

The accommodation of the hotel workforce once the building has been handed over and is fully operational, should also be of a certain standard. "This is something I know is extremely touchy in Dubai but at the end of the day, Dubai's success has been the result of the foreign worker contributing to the visions of the rulers.

"The rulers have the vision, the foreign worker came to contribute to the vision and make Dubai the great place it is today. To me, there is no greater city," he concludes.

KM Holding has been in operation for over two years and is an offshoot of the Al Rostamani Group.

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