A recruiter's top five reasons to join FM

Recruiters say now is the best time to join FM

Macdonald & Company highlighted the recruitment challenges faced by the FM industry at the Core Net Global Middle East Chapter event.
Macdonald & Company highlighted the recruitment challenges faced by the FM industry at the Core Net Global Middle East Chapter event.

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A recent presentation carried out by real estate recruitment firm Macdonald and Company found that FM was one industry still facing significant challenges in recruiting the right people.

Once of the top reasons deterring individuals from applying for FM roles was the relative infancy of the market in the Middle East which had an impact on the meaning of what FM actually is here.
Another reason was the concern that career growth and job security in the FM industry relied heavily upon the contractor an individual worked for winning a contract.

It has however been noted that now is the ideal time to join the Middle East FM industry as it is quickly developing and maturing. FM service providers and individuals are in a strong position to shape and determine what the future of this market will look like.

Below is a recruiter’s list of top tips for joining the FM sector

Versatility of responsibilities
Career progression
Bright future for FM
Personable person
Creative problem-solving skills

1) Versatility of responsibilities
Facility managers have the responsibility of overseeing facility maintenance staff, and for the structures, grounds, equipment and supplies that are part of the facility as well. Additional responsibilities might include budgeting, lease management, planning and designing renovations and improving work space. The various job duties mean that no two days will ever be alike.

2) Career progression
Many FMs are able to find advancement in their careers by moving to other management or supervisory positions or to other businesses. Some managers move between departments within a business while others advance through a succession of management positions that have other responsibilities.

3) Bright future for FM
Demand is fairly strong for facility management and it is expected that the FM career field will continue to grow steadily within the next ten years.

4) Personable person
As a manager, you’ll find yourself working with a diverse population so if you enjoy working with people and have good people skills this could be a very good job fit for you.

5) Creative problem-solving skills
You might be surprised at how many problems can arise at a facility on a daily basis. Skills that allow you to think outside of the box will help you overcome these.

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