Burj Khalifa provides Kingdom Tower MEP template

ESD to take Burj Khalifa systems to the next level for Jeddah project

Jeddah's Kingdom Tower will use the Burj Khalifa and other supertall buildings as a template for its MEP works.
Jeddah's Kingdom Tower will use the Burj Khalifa and other supertall buildings as a template for its MEP works.

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Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and other super-tall buildings will provide the blueprint for the MEP works in the 1km high Kingdom Tower, the consultant working on the Jeddah based project has said.

Using the Burj Khalifa as template to work from, the Kingdom Towers’ developers intend to take the systems it developed during its construction phase to the next level, Mehdi Jalayerian, executive vice president of ESD, told MEP Middle East.

“I think every super tall building takes the previously advanced systems to the next level. There are a lot of similarities between what this building is and what Burj Khalifa did. However there are some areas of that building that are a little more advanced,” he added.

“As buildings become bigger and bigger, taller and taller, they become more expensive, and what you want to do, from a systems standpoint, is that you want to organise them so they’re standardised components, so that it’s more of a repetitive type of construction process to facilitate a simple approach,” said Jalayerian.

Standardisation, he added, was a critical part of the development of the project, one that every developer of a new tall building looked at to make their projects more economically feasible.

“Every new tall building stretches the envelope in that regard, working with manufacturing groups and trying to advance the capability of the systems. The next tallest building after this will probably have to take that further to make sure that it (their project) remains feasible,” he explained.

Another issue that ESD would use the Burj Khalifa as a reference point for would be the implementation of building codes and technologies.

“This project is going to be utilising international building codes as the base model. However, there are no types of codes anywhere in the world that describe applications for these types of buildings,” Jalayerian said.

“You need to always work with local authorities to have a better understanding of how the critical systems need to work and how we can take advantage of the latest international code models and take it to the next level that is applicable to this project. I’m sure Burj Khalifa had very involved discussions with the local authorities, [and] we’re doing the same thing.”


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