Transguard: trainees must have brawn and brains

Recruiting 'trainable' guards is crucial to effective service delivery

Alan Macmillan, director security services, Transguard.
Alan Macmillan, director security services, Transguard.

Recruitment is the most important aspect when delivering a slick security service, says newly appointed Transguard director of security services, Alan Macmillan.

Macmillan, who joins Transguard with over 20 years security experience in the MENA region, says the recruitment process of selecting a guard must be very detailed and specific.

“Training is generic, compliant or specific then you’ve got on the job or off the job training. But it is the recruitment and selection bit which makes sure these people are trainable. It’s making sure our selection process is slick and the criteria we’ve got in place are stringent enough so people don’t get through the net.”

As well as researching a guard’s background to ensure he/she has no criminal qualifications and possesses high school qualifications,

Macmillan says the interview process has to be fine tuned so that each guard is challenged with different exercises.

The candidate is asked to perform ad-hoc requests so they don’t leave the interview and inform another potential employee of the exercises who will then pass the same interview with flying colours.

“We’re not looking for people to be robots, were looking for them to be quite flexible,” he said.

Macmillan believes character is a key consideration when selecting a guard for any facility.

“It is preferable for them to [have] a security background, but from different types of facilities. If you were a hotel, though the security functions are important, customer interaction is equally as important.

"They should have all these other value adds to show to the client so when you are proposing the offer, it’s not just the security aspects of the business, it’s that people know how to engage, they’re trained in conflict resolution and management and they know the escalation processes,” he said.

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