Transguard: Price of protection is a challenge

Budgets are often problematic when it comes to security provisions

Alan Macmillan, director security services, Transguard.
Alan Macmillan, director security services, Transguard.

One of the biggest hurdles a security provider faces is the lack of understanding a company has of what the cost of security provision comprises of, says Transguard director of security services Alan Macmillan.

In an interview with fmME, Macmillan explained that many companies dictate what security option they think they need and struggle to swallow advice from the professionals, particularly when it means a bigger cost is involved.
“Normally [budgets are] not aligned with what we would suggest,” said Macmillan.

“People think they’ve got a facility and it’s a square box and they should have a camera in each corner and a couple of security guards inside, without actually figuring out what’s next door to them; what the actual threats and associated risks are; what the impact is of a threat manifesting. Taking all these things into consideration instead of just saying to a sec provider 'I need 12 guards' [consider] why do you need 12? What else can we do besides survey? We’ll do an appreciation and tell you exactly - not just the number of guards - but the mitigation measures we would recommend.”

Macmillan said the best way of tackling the cost challenge was getting the client to trust you and your judgement. But like many service provisions, this would take time.

“Sometimes they don’t know what they want out of a security company so it’s about developing service levels and a relationship so that two years down the line, when they are extremely comfortable with what we do, they say “can you come and speak to us about this because you are our trusted agent or partner.”

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