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More awareness of insulation needed, urges Kimmco

Building codes must promote insulation's mitigating 'green' role

Kimmco GM Hannes Visagie.
Kimmco GM Hannes Visagie.

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Building codes in the Middle East need to take greater account of the critical role that insulation plays in sustainability, said Kimmco GM Hannes Visagie at a press briefing.

"Insulation is an excellent counter against having to build additional power generation capacity to cater for increased cooling loads. It therefore helps mitigate global warming and reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry," said Visagie.

However, he said it was important for contractors and specifiers to use the right product for the correct application, and to be aware of all relevant fire and safety standards.

Kimmco senior technical manager Dr Kailash Chandra said that while buildings consume about 40% of total energy on average, this figures was 50% in the GCC.

"It is simple to insulate. It is not rocket science," urged Dr Chandra. He explained that mineral wool (fibreglass insulation and rockwool) were superior insulating materials compared to plastic foam insualtion.

"It is important for a manufacturer's products to comply consistently with all local and international specifications and regulations," said Dr Chandra.

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