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Correct design can lead to reductions in hotel energy consumption.

Dornbracht's sensor faucet
Dornbracht's sensor faucet

Research revealing the startling extent of energy consumption of five-star hotels in Dubai has won an Emirates Energy Award.

The study, carried out by Farnek Avireal highlighted the fact that hotels in the Emirate use up to 225% more energy than their European counterparts. After accepting the award Markus Oberlin, general manager, Avireal Middle East said there were ways of reducing utility bills including implementing the correct interior design. "You can't enforce how much water guests use but many companies now manufacture taps and showerheads that mix water and air that can lead to a 50% reduction in the amount of water used. If hotels install these items then water consumption will be reduced," he said.

Oberlin went on to say that it was important for hotels to use the correct energy efficient lighting and for architects to design hotels that make proper use of reflective glass to keep air conditioning costs and consumption down.

A total of 15 major hotels in Dubai took part in the project for more than a year. Their energy and water consumption was monitored and compared to hotels in Europe. The survey found that hotels in Dubai averaged between 650 and 1,250 litres of water and consumed 275 to 325 kilowatt hours of power per m² per guest. Similar hotels in Germany use only 350 litres of water and 100 kilowatt hours per m².

"In the long term hotels will have to think seriously about reducing the amount of energy and water they consume for environmental reasons. Having said that we are finding that many hotels in the region are already starting to implement energy saving measures," Oberlin added.

Earlier this year His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum noted that Dubai's energy intensity was among the highest in the world per capita and said that the city had to be more efficient in the future.

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