Tools of the Trade: Duserve FM

Ehab AlNajjar discusses the equipment need to keep Aviation City clean

Members of Duserve FM's MEP team with the tools of their trade.
Members of Duserve FM's MEP team with the tools of their trade.

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Ehab AlNajjar, head of MEP at Duserve FM, displays the equipment his team uses on a regular basis

Duserve FM is a wholly-owned company of Dubai Aviation City Corporation, providing integrated building facilities management services throughout Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates.

The firm provides innovative and cost effective asset management solutions to both the commercial and residential sectors.

As a true business partner, the FM organisation delivers hard and soft services as an integrated or single service model with the commitment of its senior management team and robustness of a best-in-class accredited management system.

Service excellence, coupled with innovative cost effective solutions are at the heart of everything we do, offering true peace of mind to our clients.

As part of our job, there are some tools and equipment which are used regularly, and each item has its diverse uses.

One of them is the PAT tester, which is the Fluke 6500 appliance tester. As per our health and safety procedures, we require that our MEP and cleaning equipments/tools (such as the vacuum cleaner, electrical drilling machine, air blower and pressure washer machines) are safe to use by our technicians.

We perform the test every year for this purpose. After this, the tested machine will be labeled for the next test timing. This is done for tracking purposes and makes it clearly visible to all staff members that the machine passed the test.

The test consists of the following steps: a visual inspection of the tool for the cable and plug for any obvious damage; an insulation test to check the insulation of the equipment with respect to ground; a load/leak test in order to check the KW consumption and cross check the value with rated values; and, a bond test, which is carried out to check for ground continuity.

Another tool which we regularly use is the Meggar RCDT330. Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are used for electric shock protection, both for human beings and for animals.

The tester measures tripping times of RCDs, that is, its sensitivity. The tool has different ratings for the testing the RCD such as 10ma, 30ma, 100ma, 300ma, 500ma and 1,000ma.

This product is useful for testing all RCDs at different locations including towers, homes, and shops for the tripping timings (the sensitivity), which helps makes the area safe for human beings and animals.

It also assists in making sure the RCD device will operate on the designed break timing if there is any leakage in current that causes the RCD to trip.

Another tool is the thermal imager, the Fluke TI125. This visualises and measures the thermal heat emitted by objects. It is a tool for preventive maintenance to monitor mechanical and electrical systems.

This tool allows an evaluation of heat status for low, medium and high voltage system. It leads to early recognition of defective components, so that preventive steps can be taken.

This will minimise the dangerous risk of fire and avoids downtime. For mechanical preventive maintenance, the high level of heat emission from mechanical components indicates the friction is due to faulty adjustment and lack of lubricant. Then preventive measures can be taken.

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