The mighty Trojan 996

Does the Trojan 996 have the power to impress oil field contractors?

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Does the Trojan 996 have the power and strength to impress oil field contractors?

With news that Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons and United Motors and Heavy Equipment Co. had acquired exclusive distribution rights for TOR heavy trucks for the Middle East and Africa, there was little doubt that PMV would want to see one of the extra large oil field trucks in action.

As Mohammed Razzaqi, product manager of the truck-bus and equipment division said, “Seeing is believing”.

The TOR Trojan 996 has a gross weight of 90 tonnes when fully loaded, and a net weight of 25 tonnes.

Built by the Canadian company TOR Truck Corporation, a manufacturer of custom-engineered on/off highway vehicles, the Trojan 996 is designed for use in oil fields where extremely heavy loads must be carried, including massive power packs weighing up to 50 tonnes.

TOR has been in business since the 1960’s, and over the years the markets it services has grown to incorporate heavy oil field trucks, drill rig chassis, concrete pump chassis, aerial platform chassis for power line maintenance and wind turbine maintenance. However it is only new expanding into the Middle East.

The extreme service oil field trucks are a newer addition to its manufacturing line up but very similar to the large mobile crane chassis that have been built, with up to eight axles all-steer and M250T capacity.

The Trojan 996 features a number of well-known brands within its body, including a Caterpillar C15 engine and an Allison automatic transmission with torque converter.

Its gin pole body, with a 9.1 metre wheelbase, deck length of 9.1m, and rear width of 3.65m, is complimented by the Braden mechanical winch.

The truck is also fitted with a central tyre inflation system (CTIS), automatically controlling tyre pressure to improve traction on unimproved roads, severe grades, muddy ground, and – of course – in the desert.

This system allows for faster travel speeds, and another advantage is that it allows continuous operation even in the presence of minor tyre leaks. It also eliminates tyre leak down, since the seals and control hoses are isolated from tyres and not pressurised while the truck is parked.

Built by Dana, the Spicer CTIS is in use worldwide, including on vehicles that are in use on the battlefield.

For contractors, having a new entrant into a truck market where there are relatively few options can only be good news. Prior to the launch here, TOR combined with DBA to carry out a market study indicating demand, which resulted in the introduction of the Trojan.

“There is an opportunity to sell and service the Middle Eastern region with an alternative to what is currently being supplied, this new brand of truck will give the contractor competitive options that were not available in the past,” says the manufacturer.

The vehicle has had testing for the region, and its chassis are manufactured with dust prevention air intake systems, and an extensive cooling system is installed.

Extensive testing has been carried out on the gin pole body, and the rear roller.

“Size and power is what TOR Truck does best, having excelled in the customisation and heavy truck market.”

Razzaqi believes that they’ll have little trouble selling the vehicles, saying that it is a requirement for oil field contractors to hold decent sized fleets at all times.

DBA has the distribution rights for Middle East and Africa, and with constant investment in the oil and gas sector, the use of TOR trucks is set to grow in the region.

“We will be investing heavily in the coming years in spare parts, stocking most of the aggregates [axle, engines, gearbox etc] here,” says Razzaqi.

“It is not only for this truck that we have these aggregates, they are also used by various other manufacturers and commonly used in many other American trucks.”

“Spare parts will also be a big market, and we are prepared for this.” In the UAE, Razzaqi expects to 40-50 units in this, the first year.

Indeed, on the day that PMV accompanied the DBA team to the desert in Abu Dhabi to watch the truck be put through its paces, the truck was hailed over by a potential customer from a major national drilling company, who happened to be driving past and had recognised the purpose of the truck from its unmistakable stature.

Delighted to be seeing a truck for the oil fields, he took a number of pictures of the vehicle, saying that his company needs to purchase several for its fleet.

Now if only every sale could be that easy.

Feature list
For contractors, the Trojan 996 has a wide variety of features, including two 250 gallon (948 litre) steel diesel fuel tanks, and eight steel wheels (including two spare supplied loose).

The front axle is a planetary drive (Leaf springs), built by AxleTech and with central tyre inflating system (CTIS) installed, with a capacity of 22,727kg. The rear axles, planetary tandem and built by AxleTech with CTIS installed, have a capacity of 68,039kg.

Buyers can also select from a number of customisation options.

“The vast majority of options that are available for the chassis portion are: engine horsepower, transmission configuration, axle size and ratio, tire package (sand, hard pack) and for the deck options, gin poles, winch design (1,2,3) winches and size of power required, deck with hydraulic rise fifth wheel, fifth wheel only packages with winch support, there are also custom designed products that are specified with customer demand,” says the company.

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