The story behind Global Cranes Sales

Uri Toudjarov talks about founding a new rough terrain crane brand


Uri Toudjarov talks about founding new rough terrain crane brand Global Crane Sales

What is the background to Global Crane Sales?
We wanted enter the rough terrain crane market as a company, offering a very good product with a low price, and to give a better rate of return to end users - customers - than the traditional crane manufacturers. We started a project, and we looked at all the rough terrain cranes around the world, and we took the best out of every one of them – and we made our product a little bit stronger, with more options, but we sell it for 25-30% less.

How did you come to collaborate with Zoomlion on this?
We knew what we wanted to do, we have a consortium of people who invested into this project because they believe in it, so we had enough money to go in, and build a dream crane. We interviewed all the manufacturers in China, since for us it was straight-forward – we had to partner with a Chinese manufacturer for many reasons, and cost was one of them. I visited all the Chinese manufacturers, and we formed a JV with Zoomlion to build this machine for us.

How does this work out for rental companies?
A rough terrain is a work tool, it doesn’t matter what colour it is, the rental company rents it for the same each month, and knows what his revenue will be. If he pays less up-front, that’s more money in his pocket. I think that’s why we’ve been so successful – all of a sudden big rental companies realised they can buy a cheaper machine, and pay it off over two-three years, and then turn around and sell it.

Was the project engineering and design expertise a mix of Zoomlion and yourselves?
It was a mixture of our guidance, with about 30 Zoomlion engineers working on the project. They already had the truck cranes being built, so it was a natural transition, taking the upper and putting it on different lower.

We understand the market and the customers quite well, so it was a perfect symbiosis. If you’re a traditional manufacturer and you’ve been doing this for 50 years, you’re stuck with a certain engineering mentality or tradition, which it’s hard to get out of.

We had a clean piece of paper, and decided we wanted to build a dream crane. We did our research, and it’s a crane that’s not designed by a manufacturer, it’s designed by the users.

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