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Office design is something that has an impact on a huge section of the population.

Office design is something that has an impact on a huge section of the population. Many of us spend almost as many hours in an office environment as we do in a home one, or anywhere else for that matter. It is probably the commercial space where people spend the most time.

Although the hours spent behind a desk may be almost as many as those spent on a living room sofa, the influence the user has on the workspace is much more limited than their living environment. It falls to interior designers and their furniture-producing counterparts to decide what will work best for most of the office population.

This is not an easy task. People have a habit of being all different shapes and sizes. The challenge is to create furniture and fittings that everyone can use comfortably and place them in an office space that is flexible, as well as functional.

This office special looks at how ways of approaching this problem have changed in parallel with shifts in working style over the years. These working-style changes have been some of the influences behind the flexibility that has made the office an easier place to be. For instance, the need for frequent collaboration has helped bring down office walls and create an environment where chairs are simply wheeled together.

With so much time spent behind a desk comfort counts a great deal too. The chair is a prized possession in any office, no one likes to find that theirs has been swapped, and design technology has created chairs that can have a positive impact on people's posture, making them more comfortable and more productive.

In any office, second to the battle over the favourite chair will be the quest for space. Office storage solutions have an important role to play in creating an organised and pleasant working environment, and one where people can find what they need too.

When all these factors come together in one space the result will be people who are more content, comfortable and productive. The Office Exhibition 2008, held in early February, is an opportunity to see some of the latest offerings that can help make a good office happen and create the productivity that a modern organisation needs.

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