Cooling giants capitalise on ME heat

In a region where the temperatures are high and the demand for top-quality air-conditioning systems is higher, cooling firms from around the world are battling for their market share in a burgeoning industry. Construction Week explores what will be on offer from some of the larger companies involved in this year’s show.

The Middle East�s scorching summer sun and high levels of humidity mean that air conditioning and ventilation is a year-round necessity.

And with an increasing number of residential and commercial developments coming on line – not to mention numerous projects still on the drawing board – the Middle East represents a booming heating,

ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) market.

“In the Middle East, no building is complete without air conditioning, and with systems operating around the clock there is a continuous requirement for replacement, renovation and maintenance,� says Bernard Walsh, managing director, dmg world media, Dubai.

The latest estimates of the Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA) show continued growth in the Middle East�s air-conditioning segment, with over 2.7 million unit sales projected by 2008.

“Sales of air-conditioning units have grown by 56% since the year 2000,� adds Walsh.

“The JRAIA estimates show this trend continuing, although we suspect that the projections through to 2008 may be a little on the conservative side, bearing in mind the scale of construction across the region.�

This year�s Big 5 show is sure to reflect the rapid growth within the sector, with the show organisers predicting a strong international turnout from companies right across the HVACR market.

UTS Carrier, a joint venture between UTS and Carrier Corp, has been exhibiting at the Big 5 for over a decade.

This year it will use the show as a platform to unveil a range of new generation products including Aquaforce chillers with HFC-134, UVC emitters, G3 window air conditioners, Carlye compressors and 39F air handling units.

Aquaforce chillers use HFC-134, a non-ozone depleting refrigerant, and superior micro-channel coil technology, which ensures higher reliability through improved corrosion resistance.

UVC emitters, which emit enough germicidal energy to penetrate sub-micron microbes, destroying its DNA and RNA, or killing or deactivating it, can help preventing spread of infections.

UVC lights eliminate both surface organisms and airborne microbes.

The company will also showcase G3, the third generation of window air conditioners that are equipped with a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 8.2, which can result in 10% savings in energy.

The new air conditioners feature low noise, four-way air distribution and drip-free water system.

Carrier will also present a range of seminars during the Big 5 exhibition targeting engineers and experts from sectors such as property management, maintenance, hospital administration, infectious disease control and the food processing industry.

Belgian firm Daikin will make its first appearance at this year�s exhibition with a range of its advanced residential and commercial air conditioning equipment.

According to the firm, the highlight of its products on show will be the Daikin VRV (variable refrigerant volume) system.

The VRV is a sophisticated rapid response system in which multiple indoor fan coil units can be zoned on a single refrigerant circuit.

An inverter-driven compressor modulates the system output to match the precise cooling and heating requirements of the conditioned space.

The High Ambient VRVII has an operating temperature range of -50°C to 500°C (cooling only) and can support up to 32 indoor fan coil units on the same refrigerant circuit.

The system is compact with lightweight modular outdoor units that require minimum installation space.

Available in 10, 20 and 30hp models, the water-cooled VRVII operates on R-410A refrigerant with heat recovery on both refrigerant and water circuits as standard.

The water-cooled VRV is designed for use in new commercial projects where no roof or external space is available for outdoor condensing units or where stringent noise restrictions apply.

It can also be fitted to an existing chilled water/cooling tower circuit during refurbishment operations.

Daikin will also be exhibiting its Sky Air and Split air-conditioning ranges.

Outdoor units of both systems will be on show, along with a number of indoor fan coil unit models, including ceiling concealed, slim ceiling concealed, ceiling mounted, ceiling suspended, wall mounted and ‘flexi� types.

Visitors will also see Daikin�s latest photocatalytic air purifier, packaged air conditioners and screw compressors.

According to the company, the air purifier is unique in the Middle East and can remove 99.6% of allergens, including pollen, house mites and dust, as well as 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

The air purifier also has a 95% deodorising efficiency, effectively removing tobacco smoke.

New products will also be on show from Bry-Air, which will be highlighting its fresh air treatment units and energy recovery ventilation units.

Bry-Air�s fresh air treatment unit utilises new desiccant rotor technology to dehumidify and cool the fresh air.

The technology requires low temperature reactivation and can be achieved by hot water generally available in commercial buildings.

This unit is suitable for applications such as hotels, hospitals and healthcare facilities that require cool and dry air to maintain humidity and desired indoor air quality.

The energy recovery ventilation units for villas are designed to exhaust stale air from the building and provide treated fresh air which is dry and almost at room temperature level.

They have extremely low power consumption and offer fixed supply temperature and humidity throughout the year.

JCI-York is another big name firm that will be participating.

“This year we will be demonstrating our response to large fast-track projects and air-conditioning needs through packaged chiller plant with controls,� said a JCI-York spokesman.

“One of the most exciting new product developments that will be shown at the Big 5 is our chiller plant with a single 11kV power input – the unique feature of this system is that no external transformers are needed,� he said.

JCI-York will also be promoting what it claims is a new concept for the Middle East – car park ventilation systems.

“In addition to low operating costs, efficient air mixing and quiet operation, these are extremely beneficial in the event of fire, ensuring improved visibility during evacuation, smoke dilution, smoke cooling and rapid smoke extraction via axial flow fans,� he added.

The Gulf region is at the centre of a real estate and property development boom that has driven a massive expansion of the construction sector, which is now one of the most active anywhere in the world.

Hotels, shopping malls, offices, private residences and destination developments are either in progress or in the planning stages across the region.

Simultaneously, the population of the region has doubled over the last three decades – it now stands at approximately 386 million and continues to grow at around 2% (seven million people per annum).

All this adds up to a continuous demand not only for the provision of HVACR systems, but also for their replacement, renovation and maintenance.

With 20% more floor space available at this year�s show, the air- conditioning sector – one of the event�s key focus areas – is to be expanded in line with this growing demand.

“We have built the success of the Big 5 by understanding the needs of the industry and delivering against those specific requirements,� concludes Walsh from dmg Dubai.

“There is a clear need for an expanded air-conditioning section at the show, and we will deliver exactly that this year.�

The air-conditioning area at this year�s exhibition will be located in Hall 1 but will also now expand into the new Zabeel Hall, allowing organisers to stage what will be one of the largest and most comprehensive showcase of air-conditioning products and related services ever seen in the region.


“The latest estimates of the Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association show continued growth in the Middle East�s air conditioning segment, with over 2.7 million unit sales projected by 2008.�

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