Writing the perfect award nomination

You need to articulate value

Aby Thomas
Aby Thomas

With the deadline for nominations for the 2014 fmME Awards coming up soon, I have been subject to quite a few queries regarding submissions for the same.

While most of these have been doubts about the online process to put in entries (and for those of you still wondering about this, turn to page 26 for a full explanation), a few people have got in touch with me asking for help in actually writing their nominations for their chosen categories.

I must confess that I am hesitant about answering queries that fall in the latter category. The reason for this—and this might sound strange, but bear with me—is because of a comment that FM consultant Alan Millin made during the Khidmah fmME Round Table earlier this year (see fmME’s March 2014 issue).

In response to a question about what FM service providers need to do to be taken more seriously by their clients, Millin said: “If you can’t articulate the value you offer to clients, then you’ll be selling on cost.”

Now, Millin is someone who has always stressed on the need for FM companies to develop a value proposition (check out his comment in fmME’s November 2013 issue), and this ability to articulate value is something that is important when it comes to submitting entries for the fmME Awards as well. If you think you should be winning an award for your efforts during the past year, then I do believe that you should also be able to describe the reasons why you deserve the same.

So when you sit down to actually write up your nomination for the fmME Awards, treat it as if you were developing a value proposition for yourself and/or your company. With that principle in mind, make sure your nomination entry focuses on the value that you have been able to bring to your clients, your staff, or even the industry at large. Avoid hyperbole, and stick to the facts.

At the same time, don’t sell yourself short—be proud of what you have accomplished over the past year. Try to support whatever you say in your entry with testimonials that you have received, standards that you have implemented, etc.

Of course, you have to set aside time to do all of this—and given that these awards offer you a great chance to benchmark your success and stand out from your competitors in the industry, make sure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity. Good luck!

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