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24 hours with ... Joelle Khoury

Sales and marketing director, Etisalat FM

Joelle Khoury, sales and marketing director, Etisalat FM.
Joelle Khoury, sales and marketing director, Etisalat FM.

6.20: My alarm goes off. I wake up and meditate for 20 minutes.

7.00: I get my two-and-a-half year old son, Karl, ready for school.

8.15: I reach my office at Etisalat Academy in Dubai, and meet with my colleagues to discuss the day’s agenda.

9.15: I check my emails and answer all of them, as I may not have the luxury to do this once I step out into the field.

10.00: I meet with my boss, Ali Hassan Harmoodi. We discuss strategic approaches for our projects and also track progress of the bids we aim to win.

11.00: The second phase of my workday begins, which is field work. This will take me to any place within the UAE, so I drive out with some great music for company. Meetings may include visiting potential clients, meeting vendors, etc. At project sites, I become an agony aunt of sorts. I listen to and address staff issues. The exercise is rewarding, but it’s also emotionally draining.

15.30: I begin an intense round of multi-tasking, which I like to call ‘mini-concert-in-my-head’. Karl finishes his nursery by this time. I am on and off the phone with my nanny to ensure that he has had his lunch as well as a nap.

16.30: I wrap up my work and head to the gym where I work out for an hour and de-stress.

19.00: I spend an hour and a half with Karl, trying to keep up with his never-ending questions, being as creative and educational as I can during our quality time.

20.00: My husband Paul arrives home. He feeds our son his dinner while I cook ours.

21.00: Karl is asleep. Paul and I talk about our day over dinner.

22.00: We enjoy a game of scrabble or some light reading before we retire for the day. Next morning, it will be time to repeat the drill – again!

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