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fmME speaks to Philip Evans, CEO, TriGranit Management Corporation

High hopes: Evans say TGM's UAE affiliate will be a "one stop shop" for property management services.
High hopes: Evans say TGM's UAE affiliate will be a "one stop shop" for property management services.

TriGranit Management (TGM) Corporation, the Budapest-based operational wing of European real estate development company TriGranit Development Corporation, has launched operations in the Middle East through the setting up of its UAE affiliate, TGM Consultants Dubai.

TGM, which was founded in 1994, currently operates a network of eight Central and Eastern European offices, and has recently expanded to the Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Armenian and Chinese markets as well.

Its new Dubai branch will offer “a very European-oriented option” on property/facility management and leasing mandates in the Middle East. fmME spoke to TGM CEO Philip Evans to learn more about the company’s strategy for operating in this region.

fmME: Why has TGM made this entry into the Middle East now, and what will be the USP you’ll be offering to clients in the region?
Philip Evans: There has been a major upswing in the UAE and GCC property sector over the last 12 months, and with this growth, we see Dubai as the best city in which to base our office and launch our hub into the Middle East and China.

The Middle East provides huge expansion potential for TGM. Dubai will host Expo 2020, and Abu Dhabi continues to expand at breakneck speed.

We firmly believe that there is room in the market for a real estate consultancy firm of our recognized calibre and years of experience. TGM offers a very strong and unique combination suite of property management services in a ‘one stop shop’ mode.

fmME: Given your 20-year track record in Europe, what is your impression on the state of the sector in the Middle East? How will TGM stand out from the other companies already in this sector?
PE: With the announcement of Dubai winning Expo 2020, the FM sector in the Middle East, which was already on the upswing, has received more of a boost due to the expansion plans, increased tourist numbers and the need for more workers which will lead to greater population growth over the coming 5-10 years. As a result, the FM sector has to grow in response.

A company such as TGM offers an alternative solution in order to help sustain this growth and put forward a new methodology of how FM and real estate asset management is delivered.

TGM differs in that we offer predictive maintenance solutions as opposed to reactive or preventative maintenance to ensure that operating costs are reduced, so that there is a clear transparency between tenants and operators to ensure a successful partnership. This traditionally delivers a 20% cost saving on assets by accurate measurement and reduction on utility and maintenance costs.

Our FM managers ensure that all suppliers and contractors are competitively tendered, that prices are benchmarked, and whereever possible, we drive down prices through economies of scale, either by bundling services, or by tendering across portfolios as business develops.
Forward planning and carrying out small repairs or items of maintenance before larger works are required all falls within our FM brief and is where our independent “value” carries through to the bottom line.

Our one stop shop involves the full spectrum of services, not just FM or asset management on its own, but also includes marketing and PR services, financial and commercial management, retail leasing and branding of projects as well as the training of staff.

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