Ending on a positive note

Deciding on what to write for this week's leader has been quite a dilemma.

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Deciding on what to write for this week's leader has been quite a dilemma.

It's not because the construction industry hasn't provided much inspiration in the past week, it's because this leader is the last I'll be writing for Construction Week.

An email dropped into my inbox a few weeks ago from a reader - yes, we seem to have accumulated a number of those over the last few years.

In a couple of sentences, he summed up my indepth approach to commenting on the most thriving construction market in the world.

He said: "I always read your comment pieces. You cut off a few corners here and there, try to understand the subject, and then comment.

His analysis on my leader style couldn't have been more appropriate. I've taken it upon myself to base them on the snippets of conversation had with people working in the sector and the comments that get published in the magazine.

Sometimes this has resulted in a rather skewed take on things, but then the comment piece the reader was referring to was one that tried to grasp the seemingly emotional subject of cement, so maybe I could be forgiven for cheating.

In that respect, it's probably best to dedicate the rest of this space to briefly reminisce about some of the highlights of working on Construction Week.

One has come from the reporting among the team. Broaching topics such as labour conditions and health and safety has been challenging, but we'd like to think that such coverage has led to the changes that seem to be in the works now.

Another was our successful design revamp almost a year ago.

Of course, there have been trials and tribulations along the way. Construction Week hasn't been immune to the finding and retaining skilled labour crunch.

And as the economy grows, unless employers raise their game, the situation will only get worse.

I'd like to thank you for your support of Construction Week, and I'm sure the magazine will continue to thrive in the future.

Angela Giuffrida is the editor of Construction Week.

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