Smarter waste management with Bee'ah's Smart Bins

New line of bins can help cut collection costs by at least 20%

Bee'ah's Smart Bins can help cut collection costs by at least 20%.
Bee'ah's Smart Bins can help cut collection costs by at least 20%.

Bee’ah has announced the launch of Smart Bins, a new line of waste containers equipped with intelligent sensors that can measure how full they are in real-time, which can ensure that they are collected only when full, and thus help curb unnecessary clean-up and collection costs by at least 20%.

With overfilled or half-empty containers being common waste management issues that cause hefty fees and environmental hazards, Bee’ah’s Smart Bins are able to help encourage a smaller ecological footprint by guaranteeing fewer collection routes, decreasing carbon emissions and less traffic congestions.

Speaking about the new initiative, Khaled Al Huraimel, group CEO, Bee’ah, said: “Bee’ah has long been committed to investing in innovative environmental systems, tools and equipment, so as to help solve critical issues related to waste management.”

“The new Smart Bins Sensors offer a major leap forward for Sharjah’s environmental sector,” Al Huraimel said. “Their implementation is crucial and right on par with our goals to deliver practical and sustainable solutions to future energy challenges here in Sharjah.”

The Smart Bins work with the use of small, battery-powered wireless sensors that are firmly attached and hidden under the container lids. They measure the inside of the container and that data is then sent across the cellular network to Bee’ah’s cloud server for analysis and display.

With this information, a list of the containers that are full and ready to be collected is sent to Bee’ah drivers through the fleet management system. In addition, the bins will be tagged so their locations can be easily identified.

The installed sensors also work to track the bins’ movements so that if they flip over or change positions, Bee’ah’s control room is immediately alerted.

Information surrounding heat levels from inside the containers is also conveyed, in case a fire breaks out.


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