Dulsco urges public to segregate waste at source

Dulsco urges UAE residents to contribute to waste management efforts

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Dulsco has reiterated the importance of waste segregation at source by saying that the majority collected by waste management companies can be recycled only if the requisite efforts have been made by the public to segregate the same at source.

With this goal in mind, Dulsco has been running awareness campaigns among UAE residents that aim to educate them to actively participate and play an important role in the country’s waste reduction and management objectives.

"People have the notion that waste is non-recyclable and cannot be used further,” said S. Madhumohan, director - waste management, Dulsco. “This myth has to be dispelled at the earliest and informing the masses through campaigns and events can help waste management go a long way.”

“The role of residents in waste management is important and effective as they can help carry the message across to the society through their families and friends,” he explained. “Waste can be recycled for better use, and also energy can be converted from waste into usable forms such as heat, electricity and landfill gas recovery.”

“If the people are educated about this concept, then they will stop treating waste as a redundant material and will be focusing on converting it into better use through waste management techniques," Madhumohan said.

Dulsco has tailored its campaigns to inculcate and sustain a behavioural change in residents of the country on the reduction and proper recycling of waste.

“Dulsco organises various events and campaigns which addresses the recycling challenge and educates the masses,” Madhumohan said. “The Dulsco team shares information on the importance of waste segregation at source and why it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

“The concept of wet waste and dry waste was quite insightful for the people who participated in our campaigns and were serious about taking waste segregation and garbage recycling to the next level," he added.

Dulsco recently joined hands with Dubai Municipality for the 'My City My Environment' campaign in its efforts to go green. This announcement helped educate their masses and create awareness on the new door-to-door recycling concept among the local residents.

In addition, Dulsco also had partnered with Dubai Municipality and Union Cooperative for a "Say no to plastic bags" campaign. Through this initiative, Dulsco aimed to educate the public on the environmental impact of plastic bags, and inform them on ways to reduce or avoid their usage.

Other campaigns that Dulsco have run included recycling efforts with Choithrams supermarket and departmental store and JSS International School to take the cause of recycling and waste management to the next level.

“The residents of UAE have a high sense of social responsibility and commitment to keeping the surroundings clean thanks to the various campaigns run across the region,” Madhumohan said. “We aim to create more awareness in order to instil an informed recycling behaviour within UAE residents.”


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