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World Security tells fmME about the need for quality security services

Ahmed Al Kaabi and Rolly Romorosa.
Ahmed Al Kaabi and Rolly Romorosa.

World Security has long claimed its steadfast commitment to delivering quality service to clients as being its biggest USP; a statement that the UAE-based security solutions provider has been able to validate by being declared the winner of the Security Company of the Year title at the fmME Awards for the past four consecutive years.

So, how has World Security gone about achieving success in this competitive market? Well, for one, the company has made it a priority to make sure that it has the best personnel on hand to be provided as security guards for the various facilities under its purview.

And World Security has been able to do this by having its staff go through intensive training programmes at its state of the art training facility, the World Security Training Institute (WSTI).

While it started out as a training academy for just World Security’s own personnel, WSTI is today one of the few training institutes for security personnel in Dubai that have been authorized and accredited by the Department of Protective Systems (DPS) at Dubai Police.

According to World Security’s Ahmed Al Kaabi, head of operations and WSTI, the institute, which was launched in 2009, has since seen more than 6000 people schooled under its roof so far.

Al Kaabi, a veteran of the UAE Armed Forces, says that WSTI was initially set up in 2007 with a view to training the security guards World Security had deployed at various sites across Dubai.

In 2009, DPS made it mandatory for security guards operating in the emirate to be licensed to work in this field, and WSTI, besides getting itself authorized to be a provider of security guard training, also structured its programmes to be designed as per the DPS requirements and standards.

“We started with our own employees; we trained them and made sure they were able to get their requisite licenses,” Al Kaabi says.

“After that, since our institute was registered with DPS, we started to approach other companies to have their security personnel trained by us. After all, there are more than 300 security companies in Dubai—all of them can’t invest in their own institutes like us. So far, we have had more than ten companies come to us to train their teams in security services.”

Al Kaabi has been aided in his efforts at WSTI by Rolly Romorosa, who is the assistant manager for the institute. Like Al Kaabi, Romorosa too comes from an army background—he boasts of more than 22 years of experience in the Philippines armed forces.

Having been a part of WSTI since 2007, Romorosa has played an important role in building up the profile of the institute and has ensured its quality of training through adherence to a number of local and international standards.

According to Romorosa, besides being certified by DPS, WSTI’s training programmes have been approved by organisations like Highfield, City & Guilds and the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services. WSTI’s current offering of courses include the DPS-mandated international award for security personnel, basic security supervisory training, emergency first aid, customer service, health and safety, CCTV operator training, and more.

When asked about what makes WSTI stand out from its peers in the market, Romorosa draws attention to the instructors that World Security has employed for imparting the various training courses. “We have trainers who have really vast experiences in training methodologies, both from the military and educational sectors,” he says.

“At the same time, our trainers are also continuously attending courses to broaden their own knowledge, and thereby improve and expand WSTI’s training programmes,” he adds.

And it is to WSTI’s credit that its training programmes have been getting rave reviews not just from clients, but
also from the students of the same.

“For every batch we have at our facility, we require the students to provide an evaluation of the training that we have provided,” Romorosa says. “I am very happy to say that in terms of training, we have consistently been rated excellently by the students who have gone through our programmes.”

Given the quality of their training programme, World Security can thus boast of having trained manpower who can be expected to work reliably at any site that they may be deployed to. But World Security goes a step further in ensuring that its clients are fully satisfied with the security guards they are given—Al Kaabi says that the company has specialist trainers who go to sites where guards have been deployed, and give them additional site-specific training as well.

“We also have zone supervisors in Dubai,” Al Kaabi adds. “Our company takes care of this; it’s not paid for by the client. These supervisors are required to go to all of the locations where our guards have been deployed, and their job is ensure that the clients’ needs are being fulfilled. They check the reports made by our guards about any incidents that may have happened, and they also take note of any concerns that our employees may have.”

With efforts like these, it’s easy to see why World Security has managed to carve out a special place for itself in the region’s security industry. “We make sure that everything we do reflects our high standards,” Al Kaabi says.
“Every client is now looking for quality. Forget quantity—if you want to win in this market, you have to go for quality. And that’s why we take pains to hire quality people in our company.”

“As far as recruitment is concerned, we are very strict in the selection of our security guards,” Romorosa adds. “We make sure that the people we bring to work with us are educated, qualified, and experienced as well.” In addition, once these new employees get to Dubai, Al Kaabi says that World Security ensures not just their training, but also their welfare, be in terms of their accommodation, which are of high standards, or through incentives for work, to keep them motivated at their jobs.

As Dubai gets ready for more development in the run up to World Expo 2020, Al Kaabi predicts an increased requirement for security services going forward. “Our business is going to grow,” he says. “For all of the events that are going to take place here, you’ll need security services to ensure their success and safety. As more new projects get built here, the demand for quality security solutions will also grow.”

Romorosa agrees with Al Kaabi, and also notes the important role that security guards play in the success of a business, as they are the ones who protect the people, the properties and the technologies that make up a business.
“If you own a business and you’re looking to make profits, hire security guards,” Romorosa declares. “If you want losses, don’t hire us. It’s as simple as that.”

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