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fmME finds out MAB Facilities Management's strategy for success

A strong focus on quality:  Maen Saddeq attributes MAB’s success in the market to its high quality of service.
A strong focus on quality: Maen Saddeq attributes MAB’s success in the market to its high quality of service.

Since its launch in 2006, MAB Facilities Management has managed to carve out a special place for itself in the FM arena of the Middle East by choosing to deliver a broad range of services that have become particularly noteworthy in the market for their high quality standards.

According to the company’s CEO and vice chairman, Maen Saddeq, the company was set up with precisely that intention in mind. “We saw a need for an FM company that would give developers a total FM solution,” Saddeq says, and offering services that fit that criterion continue to be one of MAB’s overall objectives even today.

And that’s a strategy that has worked out well for MAB, if its impressive portfolio of clients is any indication, which includes big names like Emaar and Musanada. Besides an extensive presence in the UAE, MAB also has operations in other parts of the Middle East like Saudi Arabia and, more recently, Jordan, where it was awarded the contract for The Boulevard, a mixed-use complex that consists of an outdoor pedestrian “spine,” bordered by 12 buildings.

Saddeq attributes the success MAB has seen (and continues to see) in the region’s FM market to three main factors: a very good understanding of the Middle East and its culture, a capable and experienced workforce that has been well trained in FM, and finally, a relentless focus on maintaining high standards of service.

Speaking about his emphasis on building a strong QHSE department at MAB, Saddeq says: “I personally gave this special attention, because I know that when you are going through a very rapid growth, if you don’t combine that with a strong focus on quality, you’ll suffer later as a result of this.”

Keeping this principle in mind, MAB has made it a priority to get itself in line with the best quality standards available in the market. The company today boasts of a number of quality certifications that include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001.

In addition, MAB has also acquired the renowned BICSc certification for its Dubai office, and the company is now in the process of rolling the training required to achieve the international cleaning standard to its branches in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Saudi Arabia as well.

But for all of the certifications MAB has racked up, Saddeq is quick to highlight that the company wouldn’t have been able to boast of these achievements had it not been for the great work done by its employees.

Saddeq reveals that when MAB was set up, the company had decided against making use of subcontractors in their workforce - “We wanted to bring own staff and train them,” he says. “We wanted to bring in people with experience in this sector, but now will work with our corporate culture and values in mind.”

And to give his staff their due, Saddeq made sure that their welfare was kept as one of MAB’s highest priorities. “I am very proud to say that the accommodation facilities we have for our employees have been considered as a model for other companies to follow,” Saddeq says.

“In addition, we also take care of our staff by ensuring that they are covered with good health insurance, and that they have access to air-conditioned modes of transport, etc.,” he says. “We are trying our best to ensure that our staff are comfortable and treated well.”

With initiatives like these, MAB’s drive to ensure employee welfare has worked out well for the company in more ways than one. Besides being able to secure some great contracts, Saddeq says that his company has also been able to retain much of its staff for long periods of time.

Saddeq says: “I am happy to say that we have one of the lowest turnover ratios in terms of staff;” an achievement that is another feather in MAB’s cap.

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