24 Hours with Imdaad COO Mahmood Rasheed

24 Hours with Mahmood Rasheed

Mahmood Rasheed,  COO, Imdaad.
Mahmood Rasheed, COO, Imdaad.

4:40: My day usually starts at this time in the morning, when I wake up and perform my Al Fajr prayers in the nearby mosque. Starting my morning this way allows me to thank Allah for all his blessings and to give me guidance and wisdom for the rest of the day.

6:00: Upon returning from the morning prayers, I wake up my children and we all enjoy breakfast together. I always make sure that I spend quality time with my children before my day at work starts.

6:45: I drop off the kids at school and then head on to the office.

7:30: Once I arrive at the office, I usually feel a certain happiness and joy, as I am then with my second family—the Imdaad family.

7:45: The first thing I do at work is to review all incoming correspondences and emails. I think this is an important way to commence work in the office as it gives me updates on projects, meetings, etc.

9:00: I prepare to leave for a series of meetings, with either clients or prospective ones, or do the rounds across some of our current projects.

12:20: I head out to the nearest mosque to perform my Al Dhuhr prayers and then head back to attend to the remaining tasks I have in the office.

16:00: I usually leave the office at this time in the afternoon, having finished all my tasks and completed all my scheduled meetings.

18:00: To rejuvenate myself from a tiring day at work, I engage in sports activities. Depending on the day, I rotate my favorite hobbies like cycling, horseback riding or running.

20:00: I spend the rest of the evening with my family. We all have dinner together and talk about events that happened earlier in the day.

23:30: I retire to bed at this time and try to get at least five hours of sleep before I wake up and start with a brand new day.

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