Tools of the Trade: Khidmah

A look at how Khidmah goes about its cleaning operations

A selection of the Khidmah team working at the Al Zeina Community.
A selection of the Khidmah team working at the Al Zeina Community.

For an organisation that was declared the Cleaning Company of the Year at the 2014 fmME Awards, Khidmah was clearly in its element when fmME went to check out the cleaning services it provides at the Al Zeina residential community located on the Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi.

Using a potent combination of manpower and machines, Khidmah plays an instrumental role in ensuring that residents and visitors to the Aldar development are treated to a neat, well-maintained space.

With more than 1200 residences on site, cleaning the Al Zeina community is definitely a challenging task, with Khidmah having to consider both indoor and outdoor areas as part of the scope of its cleaning operations.

Jayne Ludlam, soft services manager, Khidmah, says that the company employs a total of 55 cleaners at Al Zeina, along with four team leaders and one supervisor to manage and monitor the work done at the site.

In addition to the staff, the company also makes use of a variety of cleaning machines and tools at the site, which range from the Comac CS80 industrial sweeper to the Ecolab cleaning caddy. “We don’t particularly stick with one supplier all the time, because they might not have all the kit that we want,” Ludlam says. “We mix and match equipment based on what’s the best for doing the job.”

For instance, to clean the 3000-odd parking spaces at the Al Zeina community, Khidmah makes use of a Comac CS80 industrial sweeper, along with a Comac Flexy 85BS scrubbing machine, with the staff operating the equipment having been trained and certified by the suppliers themselves.

For cleaning up the outside hallways and corridors in the development, Khidmah utilizes smaller-sized machines like the Comac Innova 55B ride-on scrubbing machine and the Comac L22 walk-behind scrubbing machine. Given their compact sizes, the Khidmah staff operating these machines can go about their work with minimal disruption to the residents of Al Zeina.

A similar principle is the reason behind Khidmah’s use of the Ecolab cleaning caddies at this site. These nifty machines are quite compact in size and don’t take up a lot of space, but they also allow the cleaners to carry a number of their tools and chemicals, while also ensuring their segregation based on their applications.

While the use of these machines enable Khidmah to achieve excellent cleaning results, their use also allows for the company to stay true to its environment-friendly objectives for its overall operations.

“If it weren’t for these machines, we’d have to use a lot more water, as well as a lot more manpower, to clean up at locations like these,” Ludlam says, thereby making sure that Khidmah is providing cleaning services that are both effective and efficient at the Al Zeina community.

Awards tally: khidmah
A look at the fmME awards that Khidmah has been able to rack up over the past few years:
- 2014: Khidmah wins the fmME Awards for Cleaning Company of the Year and Health & Safety Initiative of the Year
- 2013: Khidmah wins the fmME Awards for Cleaning Company of the Year and Innovative Use of IT in FM
- 2012: Khidmah wins the fmME Award for Innovative Use of IT in FM
- 2011: Khidmah wins the fmME Award for Education and Development Initiative of the Year

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