Cat authorises first Tier 4 modification processes

Caterpillar has announced the availability of the first in a series of authorised modification processes for select used Tier 4 equipment headed to lesser- and non-regulated territories

Caterpillar’s authorised modification processes will allow Tier 4 machinery to run on fuels other than ultra-low-sulphur diesel.
Caterpillar’s authorised modification processes will allow Tier 4 machinery to run on fuels other than ultra-low-sulphur diesel.

Caterpillar has unveiled the first in a series of authorised modifications for second-hand Tier 4 machinery headed to lesser- and non-regulated regions.

The authorised modifications will be suitable for a selection of Cat’s Tier 4 Interim products that would otherwise be unable to handle the ‘dirty’ diesel prevalent in non-regulated regions such as the Middle East.

The processes will be made available exclusively to Cat dealers operating in regions with less stringent or non-existent emissions standards.

“In keeping with our aggressive product migration strategy, Caterpillar identified used products and geographies as higher probability recipients of used Tier 4 Interim products,” commented the US-headquartered manufacturer’s engineering manager, Rick Jeffs.

“We have therefore focused our design and development efforts for this first series of modification processes to align with those higher probabilities. Using those same priorities and probabilities, Caterpillar has also been preparing dealers to support the migration of used Tier 4 Interim products to those targeted geographies.

“Further, we know Tier 4 Final products won’t be far behind the Interim products, which is why the strategy we’ve developed focuses on a solution for today’s customers – and for future customers,” he added.

The authorised modification processes, which include decertification, have been designed to remove after-treatment from certain Caterpillar machine and commercial engine configurations. This will facilitate operation in territories with low-quality fuel.

“When select Cat Tier 4 products that require modification migrate to lesser- and non-regulated countries, the authorised modification processes must be done exclusively by a local Cat dealer trained to support the products,” explained Jeffs.

Caterpillar has prepared a number of its dealers to help customers understand how to operate and maintain next-generation products. The manufacturer warns that end users contemplating the purchase or modification of Cat Tier 4 products must nevertheless ensure that they comply with local regulatory requirements.

“Migration is a complex issue, and potential customers of this popular Cat equipment will have new purchase and support factors and issues to consider,” said Jeffs.

“They will find their Cat dealer an invaluable resource, and the safe source, to consult with on whether the used equipment they are considering for purchase or sale will operate effectively in their region, and if an after-treatment modification process is permitted or needed,” he concluded.

Cat Tier 4 Interim engines less than 130kW that migrate outside of regulated countries will require modification to operate at peak performance. Cat Tier 4 Interim engine systems between 130kW and 895 kW (7-litre to 32-litre engines) that migrate outside of regulated countries will not require any after-treatment removal or modification to maintain peak performance.


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