Fighting climate change

Hans Altmann, regional manager, Techem, explains how energy management companies are helping control the climate.

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The fight against climate change has developed into a global campaign in recent years and companies, whose business model reduces the impact on the environment, have become the focus of attention.

Energy management companies are fully committed to the concept of the smart use of energy and not only with respect to the limited natural resources available.

Exceeding 50 years of experience and presence at the market, Techem developed its core business segment- Energy Services. Customers in more than 20 countries currently benefit from the service, offering around the intelligent management of energy and water.

I criticise the flat rate billing of AC in large buildings. People use their energy economically if they do not also have to pay more for additional consumption.

The Techem Energy Service provides all meter reading and billing services as well as the equipment needed to accurately meter energy and water consumption. Almost all EU member states have bought into the idea of consumption based billing.

When roughly 40% of the total energy consumed in the northern hemisphere goes on heating and the principle of consumption based billing can create an energy saving of 20%, this means that each country can reduce its energy consumption by eight percent. No nation can afford to ignore this issue any more.

Even the major players in the East, Russia and China, have identified this problem and will eventually alter the basis on which they supply energy-adopting consumption based billing in place of flat rate pricing or supplying free of charge.

The detailed consumption evaluations and the compilation analysis for each tenant result in a consciously usage of energy. The high quality metering devices, reduce energy consumption due to the heating of buildings, will in future become more active in "hot" countries. This means countries that do not so much require heating as "cooling".

And there are good reasons for this. Primarily, I criticises the flat rate billing of air conditioning in large buildings. People use their energy economically if they do not also have to pay more for additional consumption. Companies like Techem supply the suitable infrastructure for this purpose, with more recording devices and an intelligent billing system.

Techem has succeeded in using its many decades of experience in heat measurement equipment to create price measurement devices, which record the flow of cold. This has produced the prerequisite for being able, for example, to charge precisely for the use of air conditioning in an apartment house. Those who cool their apartment a lot also pay a larger amount that those who switch off the air conditioning from time to time.

Techem installs the devices, reads the consumption data and on the basis of this, as a full service provider, creates the heating cost bills, which are passed onto tenants and the owners of apartments by the administrators of the property. The philosophy behind the entire service is: "Everybody should only pay for what they have actually used!"

Countries that implement this system successfully for heat production, such as Germany, Austria or Denmark, thus lower the consumption of energy by 15 to 20%. There is no reason why this should not be the case with air conditioning.

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