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Carrier launch new air cooled chiller

Carrier launch new air cooled chiller Carrier announced the launch of its latest air cooled chiller range, the 30XA Aquaforce TM, in the Middle East. The chiller with screw compressors uses non-ozone depleting refrigerant HFC 134a and new micro-channel heat exchanger coil technology. In tests, Aquaforce TM achieved record part load seasonal energy efficiencies “IPLV” of 0.76 kW/ton (4.6 kW/kW) in average.

Aftab Khan, managing director, Building Systems & Services, Middle East, said: “The chiller suits the extreme climatic conditions in the Middle East. 30XA AQUAFORCE comprises a unique microchannel heat exchanger which enables it to operate with up to 30% less refrigerant.”

30XA AQUAFORCE is being introduced by Carrier to governments, contractors, real estate companies and consultants in the region. It chiller offers superior energy efficiency, greater durability and low noise.

dino previews product range

The DINO range of aerial work platforms consists of: 10 trailer-mounted types, covering working heights from 10.5 to 26 metres, and two self-propelled models (20.5 and 24 metres).

The booms of the DINOs are based on telescopic boom or articulating telescopic boom structures. All the DINOs feature continuous boom rotation and hydraulic outriggers. Basket rotation is standard in all the DINOs, and the baskets are equipped with two power outlets. Easy towability is common to all the trailer-mounted DINO units. The trailers are driven by electricity, and are also available with either gasoline or diesel aggregate. The self-propelled units use a Caterpillar diesel engine as the power source, and electric use is provided as an option. The self-propellers are agile and easy to use in rough terrain. Hydraulic outriggers make the units light in weight and can thus work on fragile ground and be lifted to work up in multi-storey buildings.

Dino Lift has been awarded with the ISO 9001 certificate.

jotun showcases new concept

Jotun displayed its entire range of products at The Big 5 Exhibition in a bid to build on its recent successes and consolidate its status as the region’s premier paint company.

The spotlight was on two of Jotun’s most popular products – ‘Jotashield’ and ‘Pearl’. The Jotashield brand is the preferred choice for superior exterior protection. One product in the range is the Jotashield Thermo with thermal insulation properties and which when applied to a villa or tower building will result in superior heat deflection and reduced interior temperature and cooling costs, saving up to 40 per cent of electricity bills.

Jotun’s ‘Pearl’ brand is designed to provide a whole new concept in decorative effects by creating a unique Mother of Pearl finish for interior walls. The first product of its type, Pearl’s distinct high-quality shimmer responds to the positioning and intensity of any light source or intelligent lighting solution, allowing the soft wavy effects to shine through.

Logison Sound Masking System – Technology for Productivity and Privacy

A sound masking system typically consists of speakers installed in a grid-like pattern above the suspended ceiling. The system introduces a specific background sound at controlled levels across the facility, rendering speech unintelligible to individuals outside of the immediate area of an office or workstation, reducing distracting sounds and minimising acoustic variations within the space. Low background noises levels in offices often allow voices to be understood over distances of 15 metres or more. In the Logison Acoustic network sound masking system, each primary hub is connected directly to a loud speaker and can be connected to one or two additional speakers via secondary hubs to cover a zone of 20 to 60 square metres.

The plant company offer a hydro culture system

The hydroculture system is the only non-soil, clean, hygenic, low-maintenance, but beautifully aesthetic planting system in the UAE. With hydroculture plant-keeping become a real simple thing. Hydroculture plants have to be watered only every three weeks, according to an accurate water level indicator. Even inexperienced staff can be responsible. Creating atmosphere in hotels, offices and private homes: starting with an attractive plant to the wide range of high-quality designer planters from Europe. As experts The Plant Company provide professional support and guidance to all involved in a project.
zeoplant helps reduce water consumption

Zeoplant, a natural mineral soil additive is used by project developers, landscaping architects and even private garden owners. Zeoplant guarantees a 50%reduction of irrigation water by using a very simple technology: the granular shaped material is just mixed at a 4-5% ratio in the root zone of the plants. The infiltration speed of the irrigation water will be reduced drastically and water will be kept in the soil to remain available for the roots.

Zeoplant combines economical and ecological interests of project owners and developers in a sustainable form.

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