Trafficking safety

Peter Mayne, general manager of Polite Trading discusses the need for traffic and safety calming equipment.

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Recently, I was asked to comment about the importance of traffic and safety calming products and the benefits to the community and public safety.

The notion and the use of safety and traffic calming products and solutions had been well established in USA, United Kingdom and Australia for more than 30 years. Traffic products such as safety cones, reflect safety vests, barrier tape are highly visible to the community everyday.

In the Middle East, the importance of safety and traffic calming is being taken very seriously. At a safety conference I attended recently, the major debate was around the best methods of protection to company premises. As you are aware, there has been an increase in smash and grab robberies and the cost associated with the loss of company inventory and damage to premises.

In the Middle East, the importance of safety and traffic calming is being taken very seriously.

Recently, Polite Trading was requested by the gold and diamond park to provide an all embracing traffic and safety solution to the property manager, Emaar. Polite solution consisted of 300 stainless steel bollards which formed a ring around the circumference of the property.

The client required a combination of in ground and removable bollards to allow for the delivery of equipment and other essential services to the property. Whilst no system is bullet proof, the objective of the bollards is to provide physical evidence of the building security. The specification of the bollard provided to the client allowed for the withstanding of force at 40 kilometers an hour and a weight of vehicle of 2.5 kg.

The site has also installed wheel stops to protect the building against drivers of vehicles that unintentionally park too close to the building. The new generations of wheel stops are made of polypropylene and unlike concrete, do not crumble or break down under the constant impact from vehicles. The new generations of wheel stops are lighter and more cost efficient and have a longer life.

The client is also piloting a new generation of speed hump as an aid to traffic and safety calming. The 900mm width speed hump in comparison to the 350 mm width speed hump provides a shallower gradient of 6%, has less impact on the car's front suspension and is environmentally friendly.

The 900mm speed hump, is ergonomically friendly, retains it color and durability and can withstand the harsh Middle East temperature variations. Most importantly the equipment saves lives and the empirically evidence is strong.

We will also see the emergence of tactile in shopping centre's and street crossings as a product to protect the elderly and handicapped from injury. The objective of the product is to provide a better walking surface for the pedestrian. This solution has international accreditation and provides a non slip surface.

The use of new generation traffic and safety products, for example, steel bollards, speed humps, wheel stops and tactiles are a necessary investment in the protection of community and public assets. Over the next few years I believe we will see an increasing use of this equipment.

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